How to Remove Fence Posts with a Car Jack?

How remove fence posts with a car jackInstalling a new fence post is something that everyone has to do once in their life after buying a house. But it is not an easy task as it requires removing the old fence before installing a new one.


However, it can be done easily by using upward force. Many different tools like tractors, car jacks, or other heavy equipment can be used for this purpose. In this article, we will discuss the removal and some preparatory advice for the removal of fence posts by a car jack as the car jack is a readily available tool for everyone’s garage.

Things to consider before starting

Before starting any construction work, a good homeowner does proper research that the changes he is planning to make are allowed by law and are the primary need of his property. Make sure that you follow all necessary safety precautions to keep yourself and others safe before starting to remove a fence. Some of those are below.

Make sure that the fence is on your property.

Before you start tearing down a fence, make sure that it’s yours and that you’re not planning to remove your neighbor’s fence. It is most likely to happen if you moved to a new neighborhood. Further, If your property doesn’t have a fence, install it to secure your property. You can also talk to your neighbor and ask him to remove his fence so you can build yours. Also, some installations are done without city authority and maybe on your neighbor’s property boundary.

Contacting the local utility companies

Before beginning, any removal of a fence post, no matter where you reside, get approval from neighborhoods’ utility companies. fence posts in your fence go down many feet underground. And there is a thin chance that utility companies might have installed electricity phones or even water lines at may go through your property. Nobody wants to be fined when he is renovating his house. So make sure to contact utility companies as your small negligence can interrupt the water or electricity supply for your whole neighborhood

How to remove an old fence with a car jack?

Installment of a new fence post can only be done once the old fence is removed. Fortunately, the removal of the fence posts doesn’t require any special tool. It can be done by using a car jack in the following way.


Secure the floor jack on the fence post by using the locking mechanism of a car jack. It will keep the fence post in its place without slipping away. Bolt or screw the other end of the fence post by drilling. It will allow both sides of the fence post to be buried 4 inches into the ground. Rebar, steps, or ladder can be used to provide support to the fence post so that it doesn’t fall.


Lift the car jack by pushing beneath the car jack head which in this case will act as a hinge. Push until the screw beneath the ground is visible. When fence sides have been raised to an ideal height try for simple removal, by pressing them forcefully with your body against the fence post. If you have done everything described above you will be able separate fence posts easily.


Remove the shattered pieces of the fence post from the ground. Tie a piece of wire between two neighboring trees if you require additional support for security reasons during the tree removal procedure.


In short, dont worry when you need to remove the fence post as it can be done easily with the most common tool in your garage. Just follow the above instructions.


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