How to Put a Car on 4 Jack Stands?

How put a car on 4 jack standsWhen professional help is not accessible, you have to repair and amend it yourself. Then indeed, you need something to keep the uplift of the car intact. At that time, the instrument that lends you a helping is a 4 jack stand. Repairing a vehicle is often done professionally. Hence, this is not recommended by an amateur unless in absolute need.


Instead of using a floor jack, a car is elevated by a 4 jack stand so one can slide under the car and look for defects. A 4 jack stand is like 4 pillars used to support the vehicle lifted by it.


How to put a car on four jack stands


To adjust the car on a 4 jack stand, one must follow the instructions carefully. Especially if you are a beginner and new to this, carefully follow these guidelines to avoid unanticipated circumstances.


  1. Find a clean and flat surface parallel to the car’s base. Then adjust the car appropriately on the ground to find a strong base for this adjustment.


  1. Parking brakes must be activated when the car is parked. Don’t forget to place a tire wedge if you intend to lift the car’s rear. Therefore, ensure that the vehicle is wholly mobilized and secured with all its locks.


  1. If mandatory, remove all the tires by loosening their nuts and bolts.


  1. Locate the jack spots on which the jack stand will get fixed. A person can find these jack spots near the front and back wheels. If you cannot identify it, take assistance from the car’s manual.


  1. Use a floor jack to elevate your car until it reaches the maximum height for the 4 jacks. Continue turning the floor jack handle till the car is elevated to a desirable size.


  1. This lifting works on a counter mechanism. To adjust the car’s front end on the jack stand, you must elevate its rear end. In the same way, if you want to adjust the backside, you have to lift the front edge of the car.


  1. Lifts the opposite side with a floor jack and places the jack stand on the desirable side. Similarly, repeat the same process with another side.


  1. Then adjust the lifting height. Gradually start lifting it until the appropriate lifting height is achieved. Ensure to acquire the exact height of the 4 jacks to keep your car at a level position.

Mistakes to avoid while placing a 4 jack stand


A person should be careful while performing this procedure as professionals only do it. Any carelessness would be detrimental to you and could result in significant damage to your car. A person must ensure that all 4 jacks are at the same height. Otherwise, this will upset the balance of your vehicle. A person should not forget to apply the parking brakes, and heavy objects choke the wheels.


A person has to slide below the car. Therefore, make sure that the jack stand can uphold the vehicle’s weight. Exerts pressure manually on the car to see if the car is stable. If the car shakes, then readjust the jack stand to acquire stability. A person should be there to help you if anything goes wrong. To strengthen the grip of the 4 jack stand, always put any hard object like wood beside it. If the jack stands malfunction, something must be done to prevent the car from collapsing.


Furthermore, if a person is unexpert, he should most likely take assistance from someone professional. Please do not use a scissor jack in place of a floor jack as it is unreliable. If a person cannot find points to adjust the 4 jack stand, he can use the car frame to accommodate the jack stand.




The adjustment of the car on a 4 jack stand is relatively a difficult task. It cannot be done entirely alone. Considerable efforts made by a person could procure significant benefits. A 4 jack stand is a manual tool that has expert quality. However, lifting a car is a critical task and needs professional assistance. Hence, precautionary measures should be adopted to avoid any unforeseen situation. These guidelines, when acted upon, will surely do your job efficiently.


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