How Often To Change Floor Jack Oil

How Often To Change Floor Jack OilPumping the handle of your floor jack rapidly, yet the saddle refusing to budge from its place is a sign that your floor jack oil is no longer doing its job. This would not have happened if you were aware of how often to change floor jack oil. 


When you keep the technicalities such as the duration of changing the floor jack oil in mind, it becomes a lot easier to maintain the machine. There are fewer chances of it breaking down in the middle of a job. However, many people change the fuel so rapidly that it becomes tedious. 


Instead of waiting for your machine to break down as a signal to change the oil, read the article below to find out the ideal duration. It states how often you need to change the fluid of your floor jack and why.  

How Often To Change Floor Jack Oil

To find the answer to the nagging question of how often to change the floor jack oil, read the facts listed below. 

Ideal Duration For Changing Floor Jack Oil 

On average, the best time for changing the oil in your floor jack is after every 6 months. However, this does not apply to every model of floor jack present in the market. There is a factor that makes the need for oil change of one model of floor jack different from another, i.e., the usage of the machine. 


The utilization of the model is the factor that singlehandedly affects the need for changing the floor jack oil. If a model is used every single day, then it will need an oil change more frequently. The user will have to change the oil after every 3 to 4 months, instead of 6 months. On the other hand, if a floor jack is seldom used, then its oil can work for longer than the average duration of 6 months. A model that is used a normal amount, neither too much, nor too little fits the criteria to 6-month oil change. 

Importance Of Changing The Floor Jack Oil 

Now that we know how often one should change the oil of their floor jack, let’s focus on why it is critical to change the floor jack oil in the given window. The floor jack oil present in the oil filler plug is in charge of the entire operation of the hydraulic system of the machine. It ensures that the machine keeps working smoothly. Therefore, if the oil is too old, then it will not do its job. The floor jack will have trouble functioning, in fact, it may even stop working altogether. Therefore, changing the oil after the required period is the only way to keep the floor jack functioning perfectly. 

The Right Method Of Changing Oil 

Changing the floor jack oil is not a difficult job. However, it can become a hassle if the user does not pay close attention or do it carefully. The user needs to locate the oil filler plug in their floor jack, which usually resides under the cover plate. Therefore, remove the cover plate, and locate the oil filler plug. A critical step is to get rid of the old oil before pouring fresh oil into the oil filler plug. You can turn the machine upside down to drain the older oil. Once it is completely drained then add some fresh hydraulic oil from the bottle. Shut the oil filler plug, and then place the cover plate in its spot. There you go, you have successfully changed the oil in your floor jack. 


Knowing the right time for changing the floor jack oil is the simplest task that will help you keep the machine functioning perfectly for a longer period. If you are a novice who is unaware of how often to change floor jack oil, then do not fret. Read the article above as it answers the question in detail. 


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