How Much Does A Floor Jack Weigh

How Much Does A Floor Jack WeighA floor jack should not be taken lightly. This heavy-duty and heavy-weighted machine can do wonders. But that will only happen if its weight is taken into account at the time of purchase. When you are aware of the weight range, the final decision should not pose a threat.

Not knowing the weight range of floor jacks can cause you to purchase a model that does not fit your project’s requirements. We all know what will happen in case of that. So, to ensure optimum performance, you must make sure to pick a model whose weight is compatible with the projects you are planning to undertake.

Let’s face it, it is impossible to check the weight of every model of floor jack on the market. Not to mention, it is also time-consuming. This is why I have divided all the models into two categories to give you a better idea of their average weight range. So, without delaying this any further, let’s get down to business.

How Much Does A Floor Jack Weigh?

Every model of floor jack has a different weight, but the two main factors below will give you an idea of their average weight range.

Weight Range Of Floor Jack

A floor jack is the type of tool that does not come in a single weight. This machine is available in the market in multiple weight ranges. Some models weigh as low as 10lbs, while there are others that weigh more than 60lbs.

What Affects The Weight Of A Floor Jack?

The following factors are responsible for deciding the weight of a floor jack.

Construction Material Of Floor Jack

The first factor that directly affects the weight of a floor jack is the material used in its construction. The two most common construction materials are aluminum and steel. They are both very different from each other when it comes to weight; therefore, the machines made from each will fall into a separate weight range.

Weight Of Aluminum Floor Jacks

Aluminum is a lightweight material, this is why the models of floor jacks that are constructed from aluminum are comparatively lighter than steel. This does not mean that they are light in weight, it just means that out of the two, they are somewhat lighter. The rough weight range of aluminum floor jacks is 50 lbs to 60 lbs.

Weight Of Steel Floor Jacks

As I mentioned, the machines constructed from steel are heavier as compared to aluminum. Therefore, it goes without saying that steel floor jacks are heavier in weight than aluminum models. The real question is, how much heavier? From my analysis, they weigh approximately 30 lbs to 40 lbs more than a model of a floor jack.

Size Of The Floor Jack

The second factor that affects the weight of a floor jack is its size. When you place a 3-ton floor jack right next to a 6-ton model, the former will be lighter in weight obviously. The smaller the size of a floor jack, the lighter it will be. Similarly, the larger it is in size, the heavier it is going to be.

Effects Of The Weight Range

While you are picking a floor jack for yourself, you need to take the weight of the machine into consideration. The weight of the floor jack plays a major role in the performance of the tool. It decides whether the model is ideal for the task at hand or not. The weight of the machine has a major effect on the project that you are going to use it for. You can not purchase a lightweight floor jack and expect it to lift your truck. The machine will succumb to death under the weight of the vehicle. Similarly, for lighter jobs, such as lifting joists, you do not need heavy-weighted floor jacks. If you are going to be working on heavy-weight projects such as lifting trucks for maintenance, then you need a rugged steel floor jack. Any lightweight model will never be able to do the job perfectly. Similarly, if you are going to be working on comparatively lightweight projects such as lifting joists, then any aluminum model will be good for you.


Analyzing the weight range of a couple of models of floor jacks can be a simple task if you work smarter, not harder. The article above is proof of that. Therefore, if you want to find out the average weight range of different models of floor jacks, read this article thoroughly

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