How to Level a Floor with Jack Posts?

How to level a floor with jack postsThe installation of jack posts is often the most effective option for sloping floors. Especially in older homes, sloping floors are a common source of anxiety. A collapsing floor almost always needs additional subterranean support.

The problem might be caused by a large piano or bookcase that is placing too much weight on the floor, or it could be caused by one of the floor’s supports that has split or decayed. Cracks in walls and doors, as well as blocked windows and doors, are all regular occurrences in the home.

It is possible to level the floor with the help of an adjustable screw jack, which is a metal support post. There are many stacks of steel pipes placed on top of each other. The internal pipe may be raised or lowered by turning a large wing nut. Nails are used to holding the screw jack to the bottom of the girder and the woodblock on top of the concrete pier to the girder.

Step by step guide to level a floor with jack posts

If the foundations are sinking, a jack may be used to raise a sagging or uneven home back to its former level. Finding the sagging beams and using a house jack, most of which can withstand hundreds of tonnes, to level them is all that is required.

Once you’ve leveled the house, install concrete pillars underneath the beams to maintain the raise in place. Screw jacks may often be found at your neighborhood home improvement or hardware store. Follow the steps listed below to level the floor using a screw jack:

  • Using a hydraulic jack and a short post to hold up or reinforce the floor during this procedure is essential.
  • Using a hammer, a nail remover, and a sledgehammer, remove the existing underlying wood post and nails.
  • In addition to the woodblock on the concrete pier, place the screw jack in the exact middle below the girder at this point.
  • To obtain the required fit, adjust or change the screw jack slightly to ensure that the top and bottom plates are flat with the wood surfaces above and below..
  • Place the 16-penny nails into the wood frame via the holes in the plates.
  • Transfer the floor weight to the new screw jack by lowering the hydraulic jack. Adjust or adjust the screw jack slightly so that the surface is level.

In rare instances, while completely converting or adjusting a floor, do not be surprised if windows shatter and doors stay. On the other hand, don’t be surprised if a handful of those previously stuck doors and windows suddenly function perfectly. It’s amazing what a little journey under the home can do!


What Advantages Do Jack Posts Offer?

Jack posts are used to reinforce sagging, sloping flooring located above crawl spaces and basements. Additionally, they help eliminate bouncing or creaking in floors that lack proper support. They offer adjustable additional support with a 60,000-pound capacity.

Numerous advantages accrue from Jack’s positions:

  1. Convenient Installation
  2. Positive Encouragement
  3. Affordability for Sagging Floors
  4. Effective if you are enclosing your crawl space as well.
  5. Zinc Corrosion Resistant
  6. Significant Capacity



The placement of jack posts above crawl spaces and basements helps sustain sagging, drooping flooring. Squeaky or bouncy flooring may be remedied with this technique. They provide variable and 60,000-pound-capable extra support.

They’re simple to set up and seem to work well. As a bonus, they’re a low-cost option for sagging flooring. Installing a jack post is a good option if you’re also enclosing your crawlspace. It’s possible that you’ll feel a little overwhelmed by the variety of options accessible.

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