How To Jack Up A Motorcycle With A Floor Jack

How To Jack Up A Motorcycle With A Floor JackIt may seem like a motorcycle is a low-maintenance vehicle, but the truth is far from it. Especially, when the maintenance job requires having the 2-wheeler up in the air on a floor jack, then it becomes a nuisance. The odds of the motor vehicle slipping from the floor jack are often quite high. 


This kind of disaster usually happens when the proper positioning of the floor jack is not taken into consideration. If you learn how to jack up a motorcycle with a floor jack the proper way, then the odds of any accidents happening will be low. 


For your relief and assistance, I have conducted thorough research followed by a few experiments on my own motorcycle. So, in the article below, you will find a simple process that will show you how to jack up your motorcycle with a floor jack from your garage. Along with that, there are also some do’s and don’ts that you will never find on the internet. 

How To Jack Up A Motorcycle With A Floor Jack

The following process will show you exactly how you can jack up your motorcycle with the help of an ordinary floor jack. 

Procedure For Jacking Up A Motorcycle 

Whether you need to change the tire of your motorcycle or do any other maintenance job that requires the 2-wheeler up in the air, you can use your floor jack for it. The entire procedure is quite simple, but there are a few technical details that one should never overlook. Follow the steps stated below to jack up your motorcycle without any issues. 

Positioning The Floor Jack

When you are using a floor jack for jacking up your motorcycle, positioning the floor jack is the most critical step. It is basically a deal breaker, as jacking the jack while it is in the wrong position will damage your motorcycle. First, make sure that your motorcycle is standing on a flat and even surface. There should be no bumps, otherwise, it will come plummeting down on you and your floor jack. Slide the floor jack under the body of the motorcycle, right next to the kickstand. Make sure that the saddle of the floor jack is touching the bottom of the body. Moreover, you also need to ensure that the floor jack should be close to the front end of the motorcycle. 

Lifting The Floor Jack 

Once your floor jack is in the right position, it is time for you to start lifting. Pump the handle of the floor jack slowly a couple of times so that the motorcycle does not fall. If there is any wobbling, then take a rectangular piece of lumber, and slide it under the back wheel of the motorcycle. To bring more stability, you can also add a piece of lumber between the saddle of the floor jack and the body of the motorcycle. 

Working On The Jacked Up Motorcycle 

Once the motorcycle is stable and there is no wobbling, you can keep pumping the floor jack to raise it a couple of inches off the ground. Now you can change the tire of your motorcycle or do any maintenance that you wanted to. If you need to work for a longer period, then it is best if you also add a jack stand under your motorcycle, along with the floor jack. It will bring more stability, and take some load off your floor jack. This was all you needed to do to raise your 2-wheeler off the ground. 

Can You Use Any Other Jacks For A Motorcycle?

You can use a floor jack for raising your motorcycle a few inches off the ground. However, if you do not have a floor jack, then you can also use a scissor jack to raise a motorcycle. Jack stands are also used for keeping a motorcycle up in the air. 


Having issues with your motorcycle do not always mean taking it to the mechanics. You can fix the problems at home too. All you need is your floor jack to keep the motorcycle hovering up in the air, so you can work on it. Read the article above to find out how to use your floor jack for jacking up a motorcycle. 


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