How To Choose A Floor Jack

How To Choose A Floor JackWhen you step into the market to purchase a new floor jack, you will see a gazillion different options. The multitude of choices is enough to confuse any individual on which model to opt for. However, this frustrating ordeal of picking your floor jack can be turned into a piece of cake if you know how to choose a model for yourself. 


There is no need for you to research and possess extensive knowledge on different machines, or find out about brands. All you need to know are a few technical details that are basically the deciding factors. They will help in shortlisting the best options for you from the list of hundreds. 


Before you start panicking about researching those factors, let me stop you right there. I have made a list of every angle factor that can help in choosing the right jack and explained them in simple words. So, there is no need for you to hop from one website to another. Give a read to the article below and then purchase the model that fits the description. 

How To Choose A Floor Jack?

Picking a floor jack for yourself can be done very conveniently if you keenly follow the below stated points. 

Factors To Consider 

When you are searching for a model of a floor jack, you see a wide array of different options in the market. Picking one from multiple choices is easy if you keep your specific requirement in mind. Along with that, you also need to consider the following few factors. They will help in deciding which model is the best for your vehicle. 

Weight Capacity Of The Floor Jack 

The first and the most important thing to consider while looking for a floor jack is its weight capacity. Every model of a floor jack, no matter what its brand, comes with its own weight tolerance. This capacity shows how much weight the machine can endure, and lift. This is a great guideline in determining which models are suitable and which should be eliminated from the list. If you are buying the floor jack for a heavy-duty vehicle, then a model of 1-ton or 2-ton is not right for you. However, if someone is looking for a model for their lightweight vehicles, then a 2-ton will be ideal for them. Considering the weight range is quite critical as neglecting this factor can result in getting stuck with a floor jack that does not support the weight of your vehicle. 

Lifting Height Capacity Of The Floor Jack 

After the weight capacity of a model comes the lifting capacity. Similar to the weight tolerance, every model of floor jack on the market has its own lifting height capacity. Some can easily raise vehicles as high as 20 inches, while there are others that do not go over 13 inches. For normal vehicles 14 to 15 inches of maximum height is great. However, if you have a truck, then you need a model of floor jack that offers at least 18 inches of lifting height. Considering the lifting height capacity of every model will shorten the list of choices even more. It will narrow the list down to the ones that offer your required weight capacity, and meet the height section too. 

Easy Maneuverability 

When it comes to hefty machines such as floor jacks, maneuverability is critical. You do not want to end up with a model that gives you a headache when it is time to move it around. Even if the machine meets your required weight and height criteria, it will still be a nuisance to use it. There is no way a person can lift a bulky 2.5-ton floor jack. Therefore, make sure that the model of floor jack you opt for should come with sturdy and robust wheels at the bottom. This way, it will be possible for you to shift the machine from one place to another without breaking a sweat. 

Construction Of The Floor Jack 

This goes without saying that you can not buy a machine as heavy-duty as a floor jack without checking its construction. There are two materials that are widely used in the construction of floor jacks, steel, and aluminum. There is a third option too, which is called hybrid. In such a model, both steel and aluminum and used in manufacturing. Both of these materials are ideal for a hefty machine like a floor jack. They give the floor jack the strength and durability it needs to lift vehicles without succumbing to death. 


When it comes to floor jacks, any cheaper material will not do the job. Cutting corners on this factor can result in the endangerment of your life. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that you go for a model that comes with the construction of steel, aluminum, or a blend of both. However, keep in mind that steel models are quite heavier in weight as compared to aluminum. So, if you will be moving the machine from one place to another frequently, then aluminum is the smart choice. 

Saddle Size 

Many users do not consider this factor and its importance hits them when it is time to slide the floor jack under the vehicle. The saddle of a floor jack is the part that raises when the handle is pumped. As it is the part that comes in contact with the vehicle and then lifts, its size needs to be considered. If you are buying the floor jack for a hefty truck, then a smaller saddle will not be ideal for you. You need a wider size for a truck. However, if the machine is for small to medium-sized vehicles such as a Toyota, then a smaller saddle will do the job perfectly. 


Picking a floor jack can become an ordeal especially if it is your first time. However, the final decision can be taken easily if you follow a couple of guidelines, and are aware of your vehicle’s requirements. The article above lists every factor that will help you in choosing a model easily. 


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