How To Bleed A Pittsburgh Floor Jack

How To Bleed A Pittsburgh Floor JackSpending hundreds of bucks on a Pittsburgh floor jack seems like a good investment. However, when the machine stops working, and its saddle is no longer raising, it makes every owner question if the investment was actually worth it. Do not worry, there is nothing wrong with your jack that can not be fixed easily at home. 


A simple way to fix the saddle of the Pittsburgh floor jack not raising is by bleeding the machine. It is a method that is very simple and does not take long or require any prior expertise. But for this method to work, you need to know exactly how to bleed your Pittsburgh floor jack. 


Even something as simple as bleeding the floor jack may seem like a heavy job for a novice. However, with the proper steps, nothing is too complicated. This is why I have devoted an entire article to discussing the step-by-step process of bleeding a Pittsburgh floor jack. 

How To Bleed A Pittsburgh Floor Jack

Follow the steps stated below keenly to bleed your Pittsburgh floor jack the right way. 

Items Required 

In order to bleed your Pittsburgh floor jack at home, the only thing that you will need is a screwdriver, your floor jack, and a small piece of cloth. However, make sure that you have a table in a well-lit space for working. 

First Step 

Every model of Pittsburgh floor jack comes with a cover plate right behind the handle of the floor jack. The first order of business is to remove that cover plate. Take your screwdriver, and unscrew every bolt present on both sides of the cover plate. Lift the plate and put it aside along with its screws. 

Second Step 

With the cover plate out of the way, you will be able to see the oil filler plug of your floor jack clearly, which is critical as that is the part we need to work on. You will see that the oil port is covered by either a metallic screw or a rubber covering. If there is a screw, then give it a few twists with your screwdriver. However, make sure that you only unscrew it a little and not all the way. This is a critical part, as removing the screw all the way will create a mess all over the floor jack. If there is a rubber covering, then take your flat screwdriver and lift the covering partially from the side. Again, it is critical that you must not remove it completely 

Third Step 

Now turn your handle counterclockwise to lock the release valve. Once you have done that, start pumping the handle rapidly a couple of times. You will notice that the saddle will move slightly, but it will not raise from its resting position. What this step does is that it pumps the piston, so the fluid moves from the saddle to the opening of the oil filler port. When the fluid will move backward to the opening, so will the air. Therefore, by pumping the handle rapidly, you are releasing the trapped air from the hydraulic system of your Pittsburgh floor jack. 

Fourth Step 

You will see that beneath the partially unscrewed opening of the oil filler plug, there will be slight leakage of fluid. Along with that, you will also notice air bubbles in the leaked fluid. When you notice small air bubbles in the fluid leakage that means you are doing the process perfectly. Now, repeat this process a few times till there are no more bubbles in the leaked fluid. 

Fifth Step 

Take your screwdriver and tighten the screw on the opening of the oil filler port. Clean the area with a small piece of cloth. Now hold the handle and turn it clockwise. Now pump the handle a couple of times to make sure that the saddle of the floor jack is moving upwards in proper motion. If the saddle moves perfectly, it means you have successfully bled all the air out of your floor jack. Take the cover plate, and put it back in its place with the screws. 

Importance Of Bleeding A Pittsburgh Floor Jack

If you do not bleed your Pittsburgh floor jack from time to time, then you are basically asking for trouble. The machine can stop working right when you are in the middle of raising or lowering a vehicle, which is quite a dangerous situation. Bleeding the floor jack ensures that the above-stated situation does not happen. Moreover, bleeding the floor jack also ensures that every part of the machine stays in optimum condition, so it sticks around for longer. 


A Pittsburgh floor jack not raising is something that can drive every owner out of their mind due to frustration. However, before you lose your cool, try bleeding the floor jack as that will help in fixing the problem. Lucky for you, the article above is focused on a clear step-by-step procedure for bleeding a Pittsburgh floor jack. 


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