How To Bleed A 3 Ton Floor Jack

How To Bleed A 3 Ton Floor JackIt is highly frustrating when you keep pumping the handle of your 3-ton floor jack, but the darn saddle refuses to move and rise. The reason behind this aggravating dilemma is that there is air trapped in the hydraulic system of your machine. 


It sounds like a headache, but there is a way to fix this issue. The simple solution to this infuriating problem involves learning how to bleed your 3-ton floor jack. Once you bleed the machine, it will go back to functioning normally. 


Knowing about what you need to do is not the end of the problem, the dilemma only ends when you learn how to do it perfectly. That is what you are about to learn as I have shared the entire procedure of bleeding a 3-ton floor jack in layman’s terms in the article below. 

How To Bleed A 3 Ton Floor Jack?

In just the following simple steps, you will be able to bleed your 3-ton floor jack and it will start working normally. 


As frustrating as this problem is, the solution to it is quite simple. Even a novice can do it easily, and all they will need is their 3-ton floor jack and a screwdriver. So bleed your floor jack conveniently by following the steps shared below. 

First Step 

In order to start bleeding the 3-ton floor jack, place the machine on your work table and make sure that the area is well-lit. If your model of floor jack comes with the cover plate on top of the oil filler plug, then first you will need to remove that. Unscrew all the nuts, lift the cover plate and place it aside with the screws. However, if your machine does not come with a cover plate on top of the oil filler plug, then this step is not for you. 

Second Step 

Now hold the handle of your floor jack and turn the lowering valve counterclockwise. Make sure to give it one full turn. Once you have done that, then you will need to pump the handle of the floor jack swiftly, and without any breaks. Give it 6 to 8 pumps, and the key here is to not take any break between pumping. This will push the air through the hydraulic system of the floor jack. 

Third Step 

After the pumps, turn the lowering valve clockwise and make sure that you tighten it properly. Now start pumping the handle again till the saddle of the 3-ton floor jack has raised to its maximum height. Give it 2 to 3 pumps even after the saddle has touched the maximum height. Now you will need to go back to the lowering valve and turn it counterclockwise. This will lower the raised saddle of the floor jack to its resting position. 

Fourth Step 

Now that the saddle is in the resting position, we move to the oil filler plug of the floor jack. Take the screwdriver, and gently move the opening of the filler plug to the side. Hold it a couple of seconds, and the air will release from the open space. After a few seconds, place the screwdriver down and turn your lowering valve clockwise. Now pump your floor jack a couple of times to see if it works properly or not. If you have removed the cover plate from your floor jack, put it back on. That is all you needed to do to bleed your 3-ton floor jack. 

Why Do You Need To Bleed Your 3 Ton Floor Jack?

Bleeding the floor jack is a technical term for removing trapped air from the hydraulic system of the machine. This is an important step, as if there is any air in the floor jack, it will not function normally. The saddle will not raise, hence the machine will be useless. Therefore, by bleeding, you are eliminating all the air from the hydraulic system so that the floor jack can function properly. 


When your 3-ton floor jack stops working due to trapped air in the hydraulic system, it seems like the biggest problem on the planet. However, in just a few simple steps, you can bleed the floor jack and get rid of this problem completely. 


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