Hein Werner HW93652 3 Ton Floor Jack Review (of 2023)

Hein Werner HW93652 3 ton Floor Jack Review

 A floor jack by Hein Werner means every inch of the unit will be constructed from premium quality, solid material that will survive even adverse conditions. This heavy-duty 3-ton floor jack (HW93652) drives this message home. However, you will have to spend quite a fortune to get your hands on this fine piece of equipment. But, you get solace through the fact that this one-time investment rewards you with a feature-loaded, top-end service jack capable of serving you a lifetime. 

We wrote this detailed review of the tool with the sole purpose of providing you with thorough and unbiased information on its construction and performance. Its super-sturdy and unflinching construction will solve most of your weight-lifting problems, be it in a commercial workshop or a vehicle aficionado’s den at home. With that out of the way, if you want the best heavy-duty floor jack with safe and convenient load lifting of vehicles weighing up to 3-ton, this Hein Werner HW93652 Blue floor jack is a trustworthy option.

What Makes Hein Werner Floor Jack Stand Apart?

Hein Werner has a super-thick and solid construction that screams premium quality and workmanship. This unyielding durable structure along with a safe and convenient weight lifting mechanism sets it apart from its competitors.

Our Hein Werner Floor Jack Review

Hein Werner Floor JackThis floor jack by Hein Werner belongs to the class of high-end models, and we have its heavy-duty sleek construction and a hefty price to prove that fact. Its rock-solid, burly construction is a reflection of the unit’s unparalleled strength and durability. Therefore, it is not surprising to see it support a huge load of 3-ton without even flinching. 

Any doubts about its frailty flow right out of a proverbial window with its cast iron base and lift arm that accord it the strength required to endure such massive weight over and over for decades. 

Its in-line hydraulic pump is not only safe from damage but is also quick and smooth in lifting vehicles to a tremendous height of 23.5”. However, you can’t try it with low-chassis vehicles because its saddle doesn’t lower below 5” height. But, that’s not exactly a loss since it is designed for heavy-duty lifting and that, dear mechanics and DIY fanatics, it does with impeccable accuracy. It is made possible because of a U-joint release that allows you to exhibit maximum control over the load. 

What impressed me is its unyielding stability that is maintained throughout the vehicle-raising session. The credit for such staunch posture goes to its wide base and flanged side plates. They retain stability to prevent the unit from wobbling. 

Another surprising aspect is its effortless maneuvering and alignment regardless of weighing like an elephant, courtesy of its rugged casters and front wheels.  

All in all, if you can afford to squander nearly half a grand for the acquisition of the best top-end floor jack, buying Hein Werner HW93652 3-Ton Floor Jack will be the smartest decision.

Heavy-Duty Construction

If there is a heavyweight championship, I can bet half of my fortune that this floor jack will make it to the top three, if not the actual winner. Its hefty price tag and equally copious weight of around 110lbs indirectly hint at its unyielding, heavy-duty construction. 

Other than its thick and solid construction, the unit has a pump base and cast iron lift arm to prove its unbeatable durability and sturdiness. So much so that you can dump a huge truck, van, SUV or any such vehicle weighing up to 6000lbs day in, day out, yet it will stay the same sleek and work like a horse.

Of course, this lasting durability comes with bulkiness, but you don’t have much to fuss about as its sturdy wheels and casters enable you to manoeuvre or align it however you want with little effort.

Easy & Quick Lifting

Its sealed hydraulic mechanism makes the lifting of heavy vehicles a breeze. The in-line pump offers lasting service and takes a few easy and effortless strokes to elevate your automobile to an astounding height of 23.5-inch. 

Even more impressive is the presence of U-joint release. The feature promises absolute control over the load to ensure a smooth and effortless lifting process. With its minimum height of 5”, the unit can easily sneak under tall trucks and Jeeps.

Extra Strength & Stability

Neither will it go down like a sack of potatoes nor will it wobble like a pendulum while raising the vehicle. The reason behind such unwavering posture is profuse strength and stability that is provided through a broad frame paired with flanged side plates. Also, the rugged and broad saddle ensure that the vehicle is held securely in place to prevent it from slipping.


  • High-quality, durable construction.
  • Cast-iron base and lift arm for extra strength.
  • Sealed hydraulic mechanism is for lasting and quick lifting action.
  • U-Joint release offers precise load control during lifting.
  • Broad base with flanged side plates for extra strength and stability.
  • Sturdy casters and front wheels offer effortless alignment and manoeuvrability. 
  • 2-year warranty.


  • Steeply-priced.
  • Very heavy and bulky.
  • Not suitable for low-clearance vehicles.

Why Should You Purchase Hein Werner Floor Jack?

Hein Werner 3-ton floor jack has a heavy-duty and solid construction with extra strength and stability to promise years of relentless use without falling apart.

Also, the unit features an efficient hydraulic mechanism coupled with a U-joint release system and a large handle to offer you safe and effortless weight lifting.

Final Call

Hein Werner has a rock-solid, lasting construction that can comfortably support a bulky load of 3-ton. Its steeple price along with a 2-year warranty vouch for the unit’s superb quality and performance. As expected from such a top-notch floor jack, this one also comes jam-packed with cutting-edge feature to make the entire vehicle-lifting process safe, quick and convenient. We recommend this high-end model to all those professionals and automobile aficionados who are willing to spend an extravagant amount of money on a premium-quality 3-ton floor jack loaded with advanced features.

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