Floor Jack vs Bottle Jack – Honest Comparison to make Decision Easy

Floor Jack vs Bottle JackIt is important for any mechanic or learner to have knowledge of the reliability of the product they’re using.

Smooth, safe, and efficient operations are the cornerstone of all repairing jobs. When it comes to doing mechanic repairs yourself it is important to have a strong jack that can withstand the pressure. 

Although there are varieties of jacks from different manufacturers, the main competition has been between floor jacks and bottle jacks.

Most people are confused between choosing either one, although your choice must depend on your car type and what you otherwise need it for.

Floor Jack vs Bottle Jack – All you need to know!

We have reviewed the pros and cons of both these types of jacks to help our readers. A side-by-side comparison of the two will hopefully help you pick a jack that fits your preference and needs. 

Floor Jack

Floor jacks use hydraulic cylinders under their base to help to lift cars or other heavy objects. For their compact size, they are a considerably strong piece of equipment. Heavy-duty constructions are what make any floor jack strong enough to withstand pressure, especially on objects that need to be lifted to work on their bottom/base. 

These are much easier to move back and forth because of casters attached to the bottom, however, their bulky size may sometimes be problematic in small spaces. Even though they come at an expensive cost, if maintained well they can be kept around for a lifetime. 

Floor jacks are especially helpful for work around the garage. They are ideal for cars with low ground clearance, something not suited for bottle jacks. Their low profile helps in lifting not only low-rising cars but also other heavy objects.

Advantages of Floor Jacks


If maintained well over the years, floor jacks are definitely built to last a lifetime. Its expensive cost is value for money when it comes to product quality. They’ve been engineered to give maximum work. 


Floor jacks are constructed with a wide base that enables them to maintain the balance of the vehicle evenly. The wide distribution of the weight over the base allows for stability that doesn’t let the car fall off the jack.

Ease in Mobility

Even though most are quite bulky they come with wheels under their base to help move around the jack. For high quality with lightweight, keep an eye out for aluminium-built jacks. 

Easy Usage 

Most floor jacks are designed with long handles or dual pump systems that help in easily and quickly lifting or lowering objects/cars. A few pushes are all it takes to easily lift the heaviest objects with great ease. 

Drawbacks of Floor Jacks

Sizeable and Bulky to Lift     

Floor jacks do not have a compact body that can be placed for maximum efficiency, they take a lot of space and must be set up to ensure efficiency in work. Not only do they take up a lot of space but it is quite a hassle to move them around. 

Not for Heavy Lifting

Floor jacks horizontally expanding body gives it the disadvantage of not being able to lift heavy objects, unlike bottle jacks can. This obviously also means that it cannot raise a heavy object too high either.

Bottle Jack

Bottle jacks are placed underneath the object that needs lifting. Its unique design enables it to lift heavier weight and at a greater height. Its simplistic design is easy and straightforward to navigate. 

These come in compact designs that are not only easy to store but also lightweight for easy portability.

They come at a good affordable price that is appreciable for truck drivers and daily commuters for mechanic work.

Moreover, using a bottle jack is quite simple as well. Once it’s placed beneath the vehicle, just turn the piston to adjust the height and adjust the valve to begin pumping smoothly.

The two key issues that come with bottle jacks are that they cannot maintain balance and lift to too much height on larger vehicles. Their narrow frame poses problems for even the most standard mobiles. 

Advantages of Bottle Jacks

Value for Money

Bottle jacks can be bought on an affordable budget. Its effective cost when compared to hydraulic jacks and other such equipment makes it a popular choice. Even for its low price, it performs as well as any expensive jack. 

Lightweight and Compact 

They are built to be lightweight and portable to ensure efficiency. They can easily be carried around without help and fit into a relatively small space conveniently. 

Ease and Efficacy in Use 

It’s engineered in a way to maximize the load that can be lifted. Loads from 2 tons to 50 tons can all be easily handled with a suitable bottle jack with the right unit. Its simplistic design with hydraulic jacks is also easy to handle. Hydraulic fluids in bottle jacks make the equipment long-lasting too.

Drawbacks of Bottle Jack

Unstable Design 

Bottle jacks have a narrow frame that doesn’t allow them to easily balance the large weight of vehicles. The inability to balance causes problems in heavy vehicles. 

Minimum Lift Height 

Even though bottle jacks’ minimum height is still greater than floor jacks, it is only suited for trucks and vehicles that have high ground clearance. For a standard car, it is much less useful. 


At the end of the day, the automotive industry stands behind the reliability of both these. Both of them have varying pros and cons. One offers great speed, strength, and simple use while the other is known for its strength and compact size.

It depends on the kind of vehicle or object you need to lift and other accompanying factors on what jack suits your needs best. 

We have reviewed all your need-to-know facts and we hope this information helps prospective buyers decide what they’re looking for! 

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