Do Craftsman Floor Jacks Have Lifetime Warranty

Do Craftsman Floor Jacks Have Lifetime WarrantyEven a floor jack as prestigious as one manufactured by Craftsman can get damaged and need replacement of the broken parts. This is where the warranty that Craftsman attaches to their floor jack shines. However, the real question is whether the warranty is for a lifetime or a limited period only.

Craftsman floor jacks have been popular for their lifetime warranty. However, things have changed now, which raises the million-dollar question regarding the time limit of their warranty. The short and precise answer is ‘no’. Craftsman floor jacks no longer are backed by a lifetime warranty.

Not knowing the time limit of your Craftsman floor jack’s warranty is quite a risky move. It can cause you to miss that time window, which can result in you paying out of your own pocket. So, if you do not want to suffer from that kind of loss, read the article below to find the current warranty span of your Craftsman floor jacks.

Do Craftsman Floor Jacks Have Lifetime Warranty

You will find the answer to the nagging question of Craftsman floor jack’s warranty in the article below.

Warranty Of Craftsman Floor Jacks

Ever since the name Craftsman’s floor jacks came into being, they have been known for their famous lifetime warranty. The company would replace the product without even a proof of purchase with a brand new one. Moreover, the buyers also had the freedom to take the product to any store, instead of the one the floor jack was bought from. However, things have changed with time.

Time Period Of The Warranty

Since the company Craftsman has been sold to Stanley Black & Decker, a lot of things have changed, the warranty of the machines included. Craftsman floor jacks no longer come with a lifetime warranty. Instead, every floor jack of Craftsman along with their other products only has a 1-year limited warranty now. There are some other products that have a longer than a 1-year warranty, but it is still not even close to a lifetime, and floor jacks are not on that list. Therefore, if you want to replace any part, you only have a window of that specific time period after the purchase of the floor jack. Furthermore, the company also asks the buyers to take the damaged product to the store it has been bought from, along with the receipt.

What Does The Craftsman Warranty Cover?

The warranty of a floor jack is just as important as other vital parts of the machine. It is a heavy-duty machine; therefore, in case any part of the floor jack gets damaged, replacing it can cost a hefty amount. This is where the warranty of the machine shines. Craftsman claims to replace the product completely if it does not perform well. Moreover, in many states, they do not offer replacement of the entire machine; however, they do replace the malfunctioning part. Customer care gets in touch with the owner of the tool and asks questions to find out what is causing the issue. So, if your 1-year warranty period is not over and your floor jack has started misbehaving, then you’re in luck. The brand will hold responsibility for the malfunction and will make sure to get it fixed for you.

Why Did Craftsman Lower Their Warranty Period?

The main reason Craftsman had to get rid of their lifetime warranty policy for floor jacks is that customers would bring damaged products and ask for replacements. Due to the lifetime warranty, the brand had to replace it with a brand new one or at least some parts of it. This all changed when the company was taken over by Stanley. The changes started happening in 2014, but in 2017 things got serious. Stanley paid millions of dollars to buy the name of Craftsman from Sears in 2017, and after an entire lawsuit, they launched a whole line of brand new Craftsman products in 2018 with new warranty policies. To the dismay of customers, the warranty of floor jacks was reduced to 1 year, while other small handheld products still had a lifetime warranty tag attached to them.


No wonder, the tag of lifetime warranty dangling from the Craftsman floor jack was a very appealing sight. But, since 2014, things have been changing which has caused the floor jacks of Craftsman to lose their precious lifetime warranty. However, they did not lose their warranty in 2014, but years later. To find out more information, you will have to read the article above.


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