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Craftsman 3 Ton Floor Jack Review

Today we are here to rectify the stereotype belief about low-price being equivalent to shoddy and cheap products. We have a 3-ton floor jack by the well-reputed Craftsman to correct these long-held biases.

The Craftsman’s signature excellent quality and craftsmanship allow the unit to be rated as one of the best affordable floor jacks available in the market.

How is it better than the competitors? Simply because not only is it muscly to easily withstand the weight of all sorts of vehicles but also has enough versatility and safety-assurance to help you carry out any repair job with professional-like efficacy and ease.

The unit comes equipped with rock-solid jack stands and a 36” creeper to make sure you don’t waste extra bucks on these items.

In short, if you’re an avid DIYer who doesn’t trust foreign hands near his vehicle, this floor jack set is your opportunity to ensure your and your vehicle’s safety. Proceed further to know more.

What Makes Craftsman 3 Ton Floor Jack Standout?

Craftsman 3-ton floor jack set outdoes its competitors with the workhorse-like construction that offers remarkable versatility to undertake a myriad of auto repair and maintenance jobs with ease, not to mention without putting a dent in your pocket.

Our Craftsman 3 Ton Floor Jack Review

Craftsman 3 Ton Floor JackCraftsman is a name that says it all without even trying hard. This 3-in-1 floor jack set is a glimpse of the brand’s superior artistry. The trio – floor jack, jack stands and a creeper – will have you set the stage for professional-like auto repairs in seconds. 

Craftsman has used heavy-duty welded construction to inject enough strength that supports a 3-ton load without buckling. With this much endurance at hand, it is evident that the unit can lift all sorts of vehicles such as cars, minivans, trucks, trailers and SUVs. Also, its lifting range of 5½” to 19¼” indicates that the tool can be easily sneaked under low-clearance vehicles too. Given the elevation range, you can see that it provides you with enough room to slide underneath a vehicle and freely perform the surgery without feeling squished.

Speaking of squished, there’s not a chance of that painful experience anyway because of the inclusion of ruggedly-build jack stands. The pair averts the mishap of unexpected collapsing of the load by keeping it raised in the air for as long as you need it to get the repair done. 

Moreover, the addition of a 36-inch long creeper having rolling casters is a very thoughtful move as it lets you glide smoothly under the cramped hood without wiggling on a gravely road and hurting your back in the process. 

All in all, I would recommend this 3-in-1 floor jack to all those weekend warriors and auto tinkerers who are looking for the best value 3-ton floor jack for their home workshed.


Like any other Craftsman’s creation, this floor jack also oozes sturdiness and longevity. The fact that it can tolerate a mighty 3-ton load without buckling says volumes about its reliable built.

The unit has a hydraulic lifting mechanism that makes it a beast capable of easily and quickly raising any vehicle including, a car, a trailer, a minivan, a truck and an SUV. Besides, the tool offers a lifting range of 5½” to 19¼”, which gives you a generous space to carry out nearly all sorts of repair and maintenance surgeries on your vehicle without feeling claustrophobic.

The minimum height suggests that you can rely on it for some low-clearance vehicles too.

Besides, the thickly padded saddle provides a gentle contact with the vehicle to not harm it while still maintaining a secure grip to avert wiggling and slippage.

Jack Stands

The inclusion of heavy-duty jack stands not only saves you a couple of dollars but also brings you a sense of comfort and peace of mind by staying staunch to not let the lifted load waiver. By doing so, the hefty load stays elevated for an extended period to enable you to finish the job properly.


The addition of a 36” creeper with a headrest shows how much thought Craftsman has given to user’s comfort and wellbeing. Wiggling and crawling on a gravely and uneven road in an attempt to reach the deepest parts under a vehicle will leave you with painful scratches on the skin, making you forget about the repair and instead focus on tending to your injuries. This well-built creeper with robust swivelling casters allows you to smoothly roll over a surface to slide underneath a car without going through that painful experience. The headrest will help you lie comfortably on the unit.


  • Sturdy construction.
  • 3-in-1 jack set includes durable jack stands and a creeper.
  • 3-ton load capacity makes it reliable for cars, minivans, SUVs, trucks, trailers etc.
  • 5½” to 19¼” offers a generous amount of clearance to perform repairs conveniently on both low-profile cars and standard cars.
  • Easy assembling and operation.
  • Economical. 


  • Good for only occasional residential use.
  • Lowering it is a bit risky due to rapid motion.

Why Should You  Buy Craftsman 3 Ton Floor Jack?

Among many reasons, the first and foremost is its superb-quality, welded construction capable of supporting a hefty load of 3 tons without any trouble. 

Secondly, the unit comes with a pair of sturdy jack stands and a creeper to bring you versatility and comfort without allowing the price to cross the affordability threshold. 

Final Thought

When it is the question of your hard-earned money and your and your vehicle’s well-being, it is of utmost importance to pick out the best floor jack. The name Craftsman holds a guarantee that this 3-ton floor jack will live up to your expectations. The unit comes with jack stands and a creeper to provide you with enough versatility and safety to help you use it for any type of vehicle without much trouble. I will draw the curtain by assuring you that this floor jack set is an epic option for buying if you want a good quality, tough floor jack at an affordable price for occasional residential use.

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