Craftsman 12 Ton Bottle Jack Review

The mere thought of having your vehicle fall back on the ground is enough to scare every vehicle owner badly. Especially, with lousy quality bottle jacks, this scenario becomes inevitable. However, if the Craftsman 12 Ton Bottle Jack is residing under your precious vehicle, then there is no need for you to worry.


This model is referred to as one of the best bottle jacks on the market, and there is a reason for that. The solid steel construction, combined with the thick base gives this model a strong footing and a body that will not bend under heavy weight.


This is not the end of it, there are so many benefits packed in the body of this bottle jack. However, wrapping them all up in a single paragraph will be unfair. Therefore, I have listed each and every one of them in great detail in the article below.

What Sets It In The Spotlight?

The reason behind the fame of this model is not a single feature only. In fact, it comes with a whole list of perks that make it worth the money. The combination of steel construction with the powder coating gives it durability, unlike any other model on the market. In addition to that, its 12 tons weight bearing capacity and other features such as a safety valve, remarkable lifting height range and serrated saddle are the top reasons that make this model the ideal bottle jack for any vehicle.

Detailed Review

The name of Craftsman is enough to convince any buyer of the quality of the tool, as they only create the finest ones. From construction material to the features accumulated in the body, every single thing is added after careful consideration. From what I have heard, the Craftsman 12 Ton Bottle Jack is not different from its predecessors in terms of quality. It comes with a solid and sturdy body that has been constructed from high-quality steel. The durability of this model comes solely from its top-notch construction. Other features of this model are just as amazing. There is a side handle on the cylinder which is added to make easy portability possible. Therefore, moving the bottle jack around will not become a hassle.


The truly remarkable feature of this bottle jack is its weight-bearing capacity. It can easily haul up to 12 tons of weight, which is simply amazing. The weight range of this model makes it ideal for multiple vehicles. It can be used for lifting smaller vehicles such as Honda, Nissan or Chevrolet. Moreover, it is also suitable for hauling heavier vehicles such as larger trucks and RVs. The bottle jack can easily lift them off the ground. Speaking of lifting them off the ground, this model can raise vehicles as high as 18 ⅝ inches in the air. Its lowest height is 9 ½ inches; therefore, it can slide under almost every vehicle very easily. The manufacturers have also added an extension screw in the package to give users a few extra inches of height.


To make the lifting as convenient and hassle-free as possible, the manufacturers have added a high-quality pressure pump to the design. It makes the entire job less tedious as the vehicle can be lifted without too much exertion. From my research, users really liked this feature as it made their job easier tenfold. Moreover, with the presence of a thick layer of rubber on the handle, the user can comfortably pump the jack higher. The rubber also enhances the grip of the user along with comfort level. Another nifty feature is that the handle has a detachable 2-piece design. So, once the job is done, it can be removed from the body and the bottle jack can be stored.

Solid Steel Construction

One of the top features of this bottle jack is its robust body. The manufacturers have utilized high-grade steel in the construction. The steel body makes it possible for the bottle jack to endure years of usage without breaking in half. Furthermore, the sturdy body has been topped off with a powder coating that further enhances the overall durability of this model. With a solid body, this model has tilting power.

Safety Valve

A thoughtful addition by the manufacturers is the safety valve present in the sturdy body of this bottle jack. The safety valve ensures that the user does not push the jack beyond its capacity. Whenever the jack reaches its maximum capacity, the safety valve kicks in and halts it from overpumping. This feature keeps the jack safe, hence increasing its lifespan.

Serrated Saddle Design

The saddle of a bottle jack is a critical part, which is why the manufacturers have added a serrated design to the saddle of this model. This small detail gives the bottle jack a much better grip over the vehicle. Therefore, there is less chance of the car slipping from the saddle or the saddle moving from its designated spot.


  • 12 tons weight capacity
  • Detachable rubber-coated handle
  • Comes with a side handle on the cylinder
  • Safety valve
  • Thick base
  • 18 ⅝ inches maximum height
  • Steel construction
  • Has an extension screw


  • The rubber stopper needs to be changed
  • Requires bleeding quite often

Why Should You Opt For It?

There are many benefits and amazing features that come inside the Craftsman 12-Ton Bottle Jack. The best of all is the high weight tolerating capacity of this model which makes it ideal for a ton of different vehicles. Moreover, the solid construction will ensure you can keep it in use for a long time. The lifting height range it offers is also quite remarkable. So all in all, this model is quite ideal for every professional user who is looking to invest their bucks in a high-quality model.


Every product of Craftsman speaks for itself, and so does the Craftsman 12 Ton Bottle Jack. Whether it is the quality of its body and parts or the performance, this model takes the crown. This is truly one of the best models in the market, and if you do not want to take my word for it, then you can read the article above to find out the truth about it.


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