Can You Use ATF In A Floor Jack

Can You Use ATF In A Floor JackAdding oil to your floor jack is a must if you want the machine to work seamlessly. However, getting your hands on the hydraulic jack oil is not possible at times, which gives birth to the question if you can use ATF in your floor jack.

We have all been in a situation where we wanted to add a different type of oil into the floor jack. ATF is one of those options that I have often considered as a replacement for my regular hydraulic jack oil. After much speculation, I gave into the urge. To my surprise, this fluid can be used in floor jacks.

To end the suspense, yes you can use ATF in your floor jack as an alternative to the hydraulic jack oil. However, there is a specific type that is ideal for floor jacks. Read the article below to know which type of ATF is good for your machine.

Can You Use ATF In A Floor Jack

Yes, you can use ATF in your floor jack, but only a specific type which is mentioned down below.

Is ATF A Suitable Option?

ATF or Automatic Transmission Fluid is a great alternative to hydraulic jack oil. In situations where the user is unable to get their hands on the latter, they can use ATF in their floor jacks and the performance of the machine will remain the same. ATF comes in low viscosity as well as high viscosity. However, only the low viscosity ATF is suitable for a model of a floor jack. Under no circumstances should a user ever use high viscosity ATF in their floor jack, as it will hinder the performance of the machine as well as damage it.

Best Low Viscosity ATF For Floor Jacks

There is a wide range and various types of ATF in the market, but you can not pick any gallon and start pouring it into the release valve of your floor jack. Not every ATF is ideal for a hefty machine like a floor jack. There are few options that are more suitable and have been tested by many users. The best low viscosity ATF is the Triax Transyn Dexron VI. Moreover, the ACDelco GM Dexron VI is another great option. Lastly, the Valvoline Mercon V is another great low viscosity ATF that can be used in a floor jack.

Why Use ATF In Your Floor Jack?

There is a reason ATF is a suitable oil for floor jacks. As the major requirement of a floor jack is low viscosity fluid, ATF meets that criteria. The low viscosity ATF works just as well as the normal hydraulic jack oil, there is no major difference in the performance of both types of fluids. Furthermore, due to its low viscosity nature, the consumption of this type of fluid is also significantly lower than other fluids. Therefore, it is an ideal replacement in situations where the user is unable to get hydraulic jack oil. ATF will ensure that your floor jack remains well-lubricated. The engine of the machine will also operate smoothly without consuming gallons of fuel; therefore, the floor jack will function normally without any malfunctioning.

Is ATF Ideal For Every Model Of Floor Jack?

As I have mentioned above, ATF is a great option for floor jacks; however, there is a catch here. There are different types of floor jacks available in the market from different brands. Even though you can use ATF in many models, there are a couple of floor jacks that do not work well with ATF. any model of floor jack that comes with the label ‘do not use ATF’ do not support this fluid. The user can only add the machine’s special hydraulic jack oil to the release valve. If you have a model of floor jack that has a label of ‘no ATF’, then you, my friend, can not use this fluid in your machine.


Using a floor jack all the time means keeping the fluid level high at all times. When you are running low on hydraulic jack oil, instead of worrying, get the low viscosity ATF and pour that into your machine. The article above will give you a better idea of which type of ATF is suitable for your floor jack.


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