Can You Rent A Floor Jack

Can You Rent A Floor JackBeing a hefty-priced tool, purchasing a floor jack is often not a feasible option, especially if you are on a budget. In such circumstances, renting a model of suitable floor jack seems like the appropriate solution, but the question is can you rent a floor jack?

There is a long list of tools that a person can rent when they need them, and the good news is that a floor jack is also on that list. If a user does not want to punch a hole through their wallet by purchasing a new floor jack, they can simply rent one. Gone are the days when you could only access a floor jack via purchasing it.

However, finding reliable rentals for floor jacks is a task that will take you longer than necessary if you have no clue where to begin. This is why I have shared every single detail regarding the renting of floor jacks in the article below.

Can You Rent A Floor Jack?

Yes, you can rent a floor jack. The article below states the best options for renting a floor jack in the market.

Best Rentals For Floor Jacks

Renting tools is a business that has been thriving lately due to inflation. People no longer wish to spend hundreds of bucks on purchasing a floor jack. There are many rentals in the market offering users floor jacks, but one can not trust every rental to provide you with exactly what you need. Only the best ones will give you exactly the type of floor jack that you need to rent. The following are some of the best rentals of floor jacks that I am aware of. The pricing of every single one is different from the other.

SunBelt Rentals

When it comes to renting machines and tools, there is no one that comes close to SunBelt Rentals. They are the top leading rentals in the US for a reason. They allow their customers to rent floor jacks, as well as many other tools and machines. The best part of renting from them is that they offer single rental and long-term rentals. In order to rent a floor jack from them, you only need to add your location and select the number of days that you will be needing the machine for.


Another reliable option for renting a floor jack is Lou-Tec. They offer customers to rent the floor jack of their liking and requirements with just a few clicks. The maximum duration they offer is of 4 weeks, while the minimum is 1 day.

Auto Zone

Auto Zone is another trust-worthy name when it comes to renting floor jacks. They offer a Loan-A-Tool program which allows users to loan and rent whichever type of floor jack they need. What made me like them is the fact that they do not have a maximum limit for renting. The users can keep the tool for as long as they need it, and when they are done, bring it back and take a refund of their money.

A Tool Shed

A Tool Shed had a wide array of floor jacks in their stock. Therefore, the users can easily find any type of floor jack they need. Even if they require a specific model of a certain manufacturer, they can find that. Unlike many other rentals, they do not have a limit of days for renting. At the time of renting, you get to decide how long you need the floor jack for, and then pay according to that.

Benefits Of Renting Floor Jacks

A floor jack is not the kind of tool that you can get for a couple of bucks, it requires a hefty investment. Therefore, at times, renting the tool is a better option rather than purchasing it. Especially, if you only need it for a small project, and do not have storage space. You can rent the machine for mere pennies of its actual price, finish your project and then return it. There will be no need to make room in your storage for keeping the tool.

Problems That Arise With Renting Floor Jacks

As handy as it is to rent a floor jack, it is not a viable option for long-term projects. The longer the user keeps the machine around, the more rent they have to pay. At times, the total amount of rent is close to the actual price of the machine. Therefore, for long-term projects, it is best if you purchase the machine instead of renting it.


Spending tons of money on a floor jack when you only need it for a couple of days is a foolish move. Especially, when there is the option of renting the machine. Read the article above to find out the best places where you can rent a floor jack from.


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