10 Best Transmission Jack Reviews in 2023- Buyer’s Guide

Removing, repairing, and installing the transmission of your vehicle can turn into a real headache, especially if you’re trying to handle the task with a regular jack. The whole process will turn into a fiasco unless you know some magic to change the outcome. On the other hand, if you’ve got the right jack i.e. a transmission jack available for the service, you can get the demanding task done smoothly without bleeding a massive amount of energy and effort.

A reliable transmission jack will come in a quality build to hold a considerable amount of weight to a decent height for an extended time to easily remove or install any kind of transmission without difficulty. Whether you’re a dedicated DIYer or a professional mechanic, the tool will make the whole process easy for you because of its safe and secure operation.

Unlike other jacks, transmission jacks are quite pricey but you’ll still be able to find a plethora of models that will fit within your budget and yet let you enjoy years of flawless performance without failure.

10 Best Transmission Jack Reviews of 2023

Having said that, finding the best transmission jack can again give you a headache. So, we took the liberty of helping you out for which there’s a list of 10 of the best models of tranny jacks in the reviews below with all their pluses and minuses.

Now, it’s up to you to go through their nitty-gritty detail and figure out which tool is compatible with your needs. The buying guide will help you out immensely in this regard. And if you’re new to transmission jack then you can read on what is transmission jack too.

1.   Sunex 7796 Air & Hydraulic Transmission Jack

Whether you’re a professional mechanic or a DIY enthusiast, you can never go wrong with a Sunex product. This transmission jack clearly elaborates why Sunex is one of the leading names in the auto repair industry. This model gives the true meaning to the word “best” as it’s best in all, quality, performance and price range.

You’ll rarely find a transmission jack that will make the removing, transporting or installation of a transmission or transfer case on a lifted vehicle as easy as this one does. Its telescopic rams can extend to a height of 74-inch and allow you to easily shift the transmission to wherever you want it.

With this model, you’ll not have to juggle between pumping for lowering the jack and positioning and raising the ram as it features a foot-activated pedal pump – keeping your hands free. To prevent the load from slipping, it comes with a nylon strap that keeps the load securely attached to the saddle while four ratchet arms allow you to adjust configurations for convenient working.

Moreover, the tool has a solid built with a sturdy base to keep the unit from shaking like a pendulum. The tool will not move an inch from its place as the two caster wheels are infused with a locking mechanism. It has a load capacity of 1000lbs, but what’s even better is its longevity and safety that you get with its built-in overload protection valve – which prevents the unit from getting overloaded.

For a transmission jack, this one comes at an affordable price with a 1-year warranty – making it harder to ignore this model.


  • Durable and affordable.
  • Safety valve prevents overloading.
  • Four ratchet arms to adjust transmission pan configurations.
  • Nylon strap prevents the load from slipping from the saddle.
  • Foot pedal pump keeps hands free.


  • Low clearance.
  • Might leak fluid.

Final Verdict:

If you’re looking for a good-quality transmission jack with decent load capacity and easy operation at an affordable price, then this model by Sunex is not going to disappoint you.

2.   Big Red TR4076 Torin Transmission Jack

A transmission jack by Torin from its flagship domain Big Red means you’ve reached the right place. Constructed from high-quality steel with rust-resistant coating gives you a highly durable and powerful unit to withstand transmissions of up to 1000lbs. This high-strength makes it suitable for regular garage and heavy-duty industrial use alike. The tool offers a lifting range of 8-11/16” to 22-11/16” which is quite limited as compared to some competing models.

Don’t worry, like every reliable model this one also incorporates overload protection valve – adding to the longevity of the tool. The tool’s maximum glory lies in its handle that can rotate to a 360 to let you have a desirable load position. Not only this, but its adjustable head and saddle with safety chains enable the tool to easily handle transmission of cars, trucks and other automatic and manual vehicles without causing any damage to the transmission or any other part of the vehicle in the process.

Despite heavy-duty steel construction, the tool has manageable weight; and together with 4 swiveling casters offers desirable maneuverability and positioning to work conveniently.

In all, it’s durable, reliable, safe and easy to assemble and use, not to mention affordable. All these combine together to give you excellent value for money.


  • Durable, lightweight and portable.
  • Easy to assemble and use.
  • 1000lbs load capacity.
  • 360rotating handle.
  • Adjustable head and saddle for effortless positioning.


  • Limited height range.
  • Jacking the tool up and down takes a little time and extra effort.

Final Verdict:

This transmission jack is an ideal option for personal car repair assignments and commercial ones alike mainly because of its durable construction as well as secure and safe operation. This model offers excellent value and can deliver years of smooth performance.

3.   Goplus 2-Stage Hydraulic Transmission Jack

This transmission jack aims at making tricky process of guiding and installation of transmissions easier and safer with its heavy steel-constructed body and rust-proof coating. It’s designed to withstand a heavy weight of 1100lbs repeatedly for many years without failure.

Despite the sturdy construction and weight capacity, it can be easily moved to wherever needed by a single person due to its four fully rotating wheels. Another best part is its 2-stage lifting with pedestal style foot pump. All it requires is stepping on the pedal to lift the jack. With spring load release valve bringing the jack down is equally easy and it will immediately halt the lowering process as soon as you release the valve. Its telescopic ram offers a lift range of 33” to 70” which gives you enough flexibility to tackle variety of operational needs.

To keep up with its promise of safer operation, the tool comes with a freely rotating saddle with 31” safety chains. Meaning, not only you get full control to adjust saddle position to snugly fit any transmission, but you can also work without any fear because the chains will keep the load from moving back and forth.


  • Heavy-duty construction.
  • Maximum load of 1100 lbs with 33” to 70” lifting range.
  • Pedestal style foot pump.
  • Spring loaded release valve immediately halts the jack while lowering.
  • Fully adjustable saddle with 31” long safety chain.


  • Unclear instructions for assembling.
  • Only suitable for light duties.

Final Verdict:

This transmission jack is a go-to option for many serious DIYers mainly because of its tough and lightweight built. The tool has an admirable lifting range with easy and safe lifting operation – making it more appealing.

4.   Dragway Tools Hydraulic Transmission Jack, 56027

This transmission jack promises that replacing and installing process of transmission will no more be a drag once you’ve invested in this model. 1000lbs weight capacity and a telescopic 2-stage hydraulic ram means the tool can attain greater reach from 34” to 72” lift range to give you a highly versatile and flexible unit that will meet most operational needs.

Its heavy-duty construction makes the tool a heavy piece of equipment but moving it around isn’t a drag as it features a 4-leg base with 4 robust swiveling casters. You can move it anywhere without breaking a sweat. Also, it makes it equally convenient to work on almost any transmissions because of fully adjusting saddle along with two 28” long chains that allow you to securely anchor the transmission to the saddle – preventing accidental slippage.

It gets even more interesting and easier when you realize that the unit comes integrated with a foot-activated pump and a lowering pedal that leave your hands free to align the position of the jack for convenient operation. In all, for an affordable price, this works like a charm in a home repair shop.


  • Durable and affordable.
  • Easy to move around with 4 swiveling wheels.
  • 1000lbs load capacity with greater reach of 34” to 72” lifting range.
  • Foot-activated pump and lowering pedal.
  • Fully rotating saddle fits any transmission securely with clamping chains.


  • Steadying it is difficult.
  • Not suitable for heavy-duty commercial use.

Final Verdict:

If you’re looking for a highly durable and flexible transmission jack that makes short work of replacing and installing almost any transmission without failure in a home garage, then this model will give you best value for money.

5.   OTC 1793A Stinger Transmission Jack

Like its sleek and lustrous appearance, its performance is also so smooth and flawless that it easily outshines some of the very expensive models available in the market. With a load capacity of 1000lbs and a universal saddle that tilts forward, backwards or sideways and also incorporates adjustable brackets, you get versatility to handle almost any transmission.

Its safety chains will securely attach the transmission to the saddle for safer operation. Additionally, extra safety is provided through overload protective mechanism that prevents the jack from overshooting its load capacity.

Its glossy appearance is mainly attributed to heavy-duty steel construction with chromed finishing that inhibits rusting and corrosion. Don’t get skeptical because moving it around will not take more than effortless pulling or pushing, thanks to broad base and sturdy swiveling wheels. They also have an added benefit of providing unrivalled stability during lifting and lowering of the load.

Its final and most compelling factor is the foot-activated pump and lowering pedal that puts you in full control of raising or lowering the transmission – with a lift range of 35” to a little over 71” – without any impediments since your hands will be free to adjust and align position of the jack as you deem fit.

The only serious caveats are the bulky weight of the tool and limited 90-day warranty, but you’ll not have much time fretting over them due to the attractive price and overall built and performance of the tool.


  • Heavy-duty construction ideal for professional auto shops.
  • Affordable price.
  • Wide base and swiveling wheels for maximum stability and mobility.
  • Adjusting saddle.
  • Easy operation with foot-operated pump and pedal.


  • Only 90-days warranty.

Final Verdict:

For affordable price, this tool offers a lot more than expected in the form of heavy-duty rust-proof construction and greater load capacity and reach. This means you can count on it to not fail under rigorous use in a professional mechanical shop.

6.   Iglobalbuy 1100lbs Hydraulic Transmission Jack

The first thing that will catch you off guard about this trans jack is the cheap price and the fact that cut in price doesn’t come at the expense of overall quality of built and performance. With a 0.5-ton(1000lbs) load capacity and a reach of 34”- 68” height range, the tool is adequate for variety of automotive and light truck transmission installation process.

Like many-end models this one also features 360 rotating saddle with corner brackets to give you a perfect fit no matter what size transmission you throw at it. Besides, 2 built-in safety chains will securely lock the transmission to the saddle – eliminating the possibility of dealing with shaking transmission.

More impressive is its foot-operated pump and lowering pedal that allow user to control the lifting and lowering of jack with foot while keeping your hands free to let you easily align the position of transmission in any direction.

Moreover, its convenience is what makes it get in close competition with big brands. The presence of steering handle and broad 4-leg base and swiveling casters combine together to give you a highly stable and mobile unit – you can easily drag it anywhere you want without hindrance.

In all, for a cheaply-priced model, it comes with all the bells and whistles to give you a reliable tool compatible with both, commercial and home garage use.


  • Durable and low-costing.
  • Foot-operated pump and lowering pedal.
  • Fully adjustable saddle with safety chains to fit any transmission.
  • Steering handle with fully rotating casters for maximum mobility.


  • Height is limited.
  • Wheels don’t run smoothly.

Final Verdict:

This trans jack is designed keeping in mind the needs of a novice and professional user alike. The tool comes in an inexpensive price yet offers a well-constructed unit that can tackle virtually any kind of transmission with ease.

7.   Generic Differential Transmission Jack

This transmission jack has the ability to steal the limelight. It offers the much-desired combination of heavy-duty rugged construction in a low cost. The uniquely contoured cradle-like design with low-profile structure makes it a reliable option for working on tranny, transfer cases or fuel tanks as heavy as 450lbs  even in cramped work space.

The highlighting factor is that its saddle can tilt forward to give you better position for placing the weight securely while the long nylon straps will ensure it doesn’t slip during lifting or lowering. You can gain further convenience with height adjustment from total lifting range of 7-1/4” to 23-1/4” to easily carry load to a comfortable working height.

What’s really surprising is that despite sturdy built the tool is lighter in weight which together with the integrated swiveling casters make its maneuvering as easy as a walk in the garden, even when loaded to full capacity.

All in all, it’s safe to say that despite the insanely low price, the tool really works the talk like any high-end model.


  • Durable, lightweight and low-costing.
  • Low-profile contoured cradle design.
  • Easy to assemble and use.
  • Tilting saddle with long nylon straps.
  • Swivel caster wheels for optimum mobility.


  • Unsatisfactory working of tilting feature is a bummer.
  • Large ratchet handle causes problem in limited space.

Final Verdict:

If you factor out minor flaws, the tool gives exceptional value with its tough built and load capacity. It’s cheap and yet highly functional to endure a lot of transmission work and heavy load on regular basis without failure.

8.   Sealey TJ150E Floor Transmission Jack

Spending money on this transmission jack will be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make mainly because in a very customer-friendly price you’ll be rewarded with a commercial-grade durable and efficient tool. The best part is that despite heavy-duty construction, the tool is so lightweight that carrying it around will barely make you grunt. Besides, with its four heavy-duty casters you can move it around garage without any snag.

It will raise and lower gear boxes or differential units with all the care in the world due to webbed saddle that can also tilt few degrees forward to perfectly fit the load. Furthermore, the metal roller buckle will securely tie the load to the saddle to prevent any mishap.

With working capacity of 150kg and 195/585mm, the tool provides a decent amount of flexibility to suit variety of job needs. Its precision is what makes it take the top slots which is delivered through hand operated scissor mechanism. Using it is a breeze and you’ll be able to accurately fit the transmission unit without any blunders.

So, whether you’re a professional mechanic or a serious DIYer, this transmission jack will make a soft spot with its durability, reliability and affordability.


  • Durable, lightweight and affordable.
  • Ideal for differentials and gear boxes.
  • Easy and safe to use.
  • Hand-operated scissor mechanism for precise operation.
  • Webbed strap saddle with metal buckle for holding load securely.


  • Saddle’s tilt adjustment is limited.
  • Large strap gets in the way of smooth working.

Final Verdict:

Whether you’re a professional mechanic or hardcore car enthusiast, this transmission jack is worth the money because of its tough built and easy and safer operation. It’s ideal choice for doing the differential and gearbox job.

9.   Beautylady 1100lbs Transmission Jack

This transmission jack has it all, beauty of design, quality, performance and attractive price point. Coming in a high-grade steel construction, the tool can withstand years of tough use. Its offers weight capacity of 1100lbs along with vertical range of 33” to 70” which attempt at making guiding or removal process of transmission of any automotive or light truck easy and safe.

Take a sigh of relief because this model also incorporates foot-operated pump and lifting pedal which will do all the guiding process of transmission without letting you involve your hands. More impressive is its spring-loaded release vale that immediately brings the lowering action to a standstill once you let the pump go.

Like maximum ease, the tool is fully equipped to provide maximum stability and flexibility of movement too, courtesy of its 4-leg fully rotating casters. You don’t have to worry about slippage of load because there’s a 31” long safety chain for securely anchoring the load to the saddle. So, no matter how fast or slow you lift the load or move the tool, there won’t be any accidental mess.

In all, without spending an extravagant amount you’ll get a premium-grade elegant-looking jack that will be suffice for your needs.


  • High-grade steel construction.
  • Easy and safe to use with foot-operated pump and lowering pedal.
  • Spring-loaded release valve.
  • 31” long safety chain.
  • 1100lbs load capacity is ideal for any automotive or light truck transmission.


  • Casters could be improved.
  • Top plate is a little sloppy.

Final Verdict:

Without breaking a bank, this tranny jack offers high-quality construction for letting you enjoy years of successful use. The jack will work flawlessly for passenger vehicles and light truck transmissions in home garage.

10. JEGS – 79012 Low-Profile Transmission Jack

JEGS startles you with this toy-looking tranny jack, which upon giving you a demo of its operation assure you that it’s far from a namby-pamby model. This jack is the epitome of convenience be it in price, performance or use. Starting with the construction, its long-lasting built lets you enjoy years of use without making the unit overbearingly heavy. Its manageable weight becomes more bearable and maneuverable because of standard swiveling casters.

Thanks to its low-profile design with 1000lbs load capacity and 8.5” to 23” height range, the tool can reach underneath any hard-to-access tight area including low-clearance vehicle to let you finish even the most delicate task with ease.

Operating it is pleasingly easy and simple due to its smooth grip rotating handle pump that lets you operate it from any direction that you find convenient. You’ll be more pleased with its adjustable load support arms that will not only securely accommodate the load but also keep it from shaking like a pendulum due to built-in safety chain.

Its release valve knob is more impressive as it gives you full control over lowering process of transmission. This much control is a blessing for it enables you to accomplish a variety of demanding tasks.

Like any reliable brand, JEGS also incorporates overload protection mechanism in this tool to make sure it isn’t used beyond its capacity. Last but not the least, its fully adjusting saddle will allow you to position it in any angle to make it compatible with a wide range of vehicles.


  • Quality construction in reasonable price range.
  • Low-profile design with 1000lbs load capacity.
  • Easy and simple operation with fully rotating handle pump.
  • Fully adjusting saddle with safety chain.


  • Top plate is tad bit sloppy.
  • Tilting process doesn’t work satisfactorily.

Final Verdict:

You’ll be pleased with this purchase as it comes in a sturdy construction and low-profile design to handle low-clearance vehicles and light passenger trucks without failure. For a low price, it works exceptionally well to put some expensive models to shame.

Buyer’s Guide: Getting the Best Transmission Jack in 2023

When you’re out to shop for a transmission jack, it’s better to go fully prepared to make the best purchase. One way to do so is by having knowledge of all the necessary parameters of a transmission jack that will help you decide which model meets your requirements.


Transmission jacks can be of different built and design to adhere to different needs and situations. Main types are under the car, heavy-duty and low-profile designs. Under car transmission jacks are for working in standing position. Heavy-duty tranny jacks are specifically designed for heavy lifting. So, if you’ve to work with massive weight, then go for a heavy-duty model. Low-profile models, as the name suggest, are for vehicles that can’t be placed on a lift due to their low-clearance. They’re flexible to meet variety of operational needs and best-suited for working in areas with limited access.

Build Quality:

Working with heavy load calls for sturdy built that can endure frequent heavy lifting. Always select a model with heavy-duty construction and enameling that inhibits rust and corrosion to get increased longevity. High quality construction can be determined through uniform and clean weld of the unit.

Safety Feature:

Removing, repairing and installing transmissions isn’t risk-free operation. While lifting heavy load, it always helps to have safety chains or nylon straps to securely attach the load to a lifting saddle so as to keep the user safe from accidental slippage or weight failure.

Weight Capacity:

This is the most vital part of any transmission jack. Since transmission jacks hoist transmissions for longer stretches of time therefore, they mostly come with a weight capacity of 500-2000 lbs. If you’re purchasing a unit for home garage use, a 1000lbs load capacity will be suffice for your needs. On the other hand, for a more rigorous use like in an auto repair shop, pick a model with 2000 lbs or above weight capacity.

Vertical Range:

This refers to the lifting range that a transmission jack offers. It consists of  minimum and maximum heights. You need to know the vertical range to be sure the unit will easily slide under the vehicle and securely fit the transmission. The height adjustment will allow you to snugly attach the transmission for safe and easy removal.

Easy to Use & Maneuver:

Always prefer a model that comes with features like foot-activated pump and lowering pedal for aligning the position of the unit to your desired direction, and wide leg base with swiveling casters that ensure easy moving around of the tool without compromising its overall stability. All these features contribute to the easy usage and mobility of the tool.


Whether you’re an amateur or a dedicated mechanic, a transmission jack will always prove to be a handy tool when you’re working on maintenance and repair of a vehicle. Having a model in home garage to do the demanding task on your own will save you a lot of money as well. We gave you detailed reviews of some best models of tranny jacks available in the market to let you decide which model suits your job needs. In case of further queries, the buying guide will further help you figure out on which model you should spend your money to make the most of the tool.

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