10 Best Scissor Jack Reviews in 2023 – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Best Scissor Jack

Owning a car means having to deal with constant repairs and maintenance which if taken to auto shops will cost you a lot of time and extra bucks.

To deal with such troubling situations, what every mechanic and car owner needs is a good and strong scissor jack in their garage.

Scissor jacks have proven to be a good investment over time.

Even though there are many new models of jacks available in the market, they cannot compete with a strong scissor jack due to the fact that it provides the strength required for heavy lifting in a very compact, lightweight and portable body that also arrives with additional benefit of lighter price tag.

Other than lifting, it has also proven to be a good option for stabilizing RV’s.

10 Best Scissor Jack Reviews of 2023

To prevent you from going through hours of agonizing search for a reliable scissor jack, we have brought a list of top ten best scissor jacks available in the market. These options will ensure that you get excellent value for your money. The buyer’s guide in the end will help you identify a model most suitable for your car.

1) BIG RED T10152 Torin Steel Scissor Lift Jack Car Kit:

This scissor jack is no joke when it comes to lifting. Compact and rugged steel construction is the specialty of this scissor jack. Its sturdy construction will see to it that you get the most out of this jack without the tool giving up on you and your vehicle.

It is light in weight 7 pounds to be exact. You can easily carry something so light in your car trunk, for nasty road side emergencies. Its strong but lightweight construction gives you the freedom to easily carry it in your hands without causing any fatigue.

With its 1.5 ton lifting capacity, it is capable of easily lifting your small vehicles for repair jobs. The lifting range of 4 1/8 inches to 15 1/8 inches makes it perfect for jobs that require your vehicle to be up in the air such as tire change.

It features an over sized extra wide base of 4.5 inches which provides stability and balance while you use this jack. That is not all, it also has a folding handle that deliver speedy and quick result when you need it. The handle’s folding factor makes it easy for you to store the tool. The best part is that you get all these functions in only 19$!!


  • 1 year warranty
  • Only 19$
  • Extra wide base
  • Strong, durable body
  • Foldable handle


  • Can only be used for vehicles under 3000 lbs
  • Screws often gall up

Bottom line:

If you are looking for a good, strong tool that will have your vehicle up in the air and also comes with low price tag, then this scissor jack is ideal for you.

2) Stromberg Carlson JSC24IND Scissor Jack:

This scissor jack is good news for those who are sick of their old jack that hardly lifts the vehicle up a few inches, do not worry that frustration will soon be replaced with joy when you find out all the functions of this scissor jack.

If you are a professional mechanic or just a car enthusiast, you will be delighted to know that this scissor jack comes with maximum lifting height of 24 inches. With that amount of height, you will easily be able to get work done by slithering under the vehicle. When retracted it has the height of 4 inches which is enough for it to easily slither under your low profile vehicles. The low height also makes it easy for you to carry it in car.

It comes with the lifting capacity of 5000 pounds which makes it perfect for both small vehicles like sedans and your heavy vehicles like SUV’s. It features a wise bow tie base which keeps it steady on both hard and soft surfaces.


  • Lightweight, 13 lbs
  • Can be used for low profile vehicles due to minimum height
  • 5000 lbs lifting capacity
  • Bow tie base to keep it stable


  • Holes in mounting plates may not line up
  • Handle is not included

Bottom line:

If you need a strong scissor jack to replace the old flimsy one sitting in your garage, then look no further and spend your money on this one. Its low profile design and high lifting capacity will help you loads during your repair jobs.

3) LEADBRAND Scissor Jack 1.5 Tons:

This scissor jack has features that will intrigue every individual who loves tinkering with their cars. Firstly, it only weighs 6 pounds; it is literally the lightest jack available in the market currently. But do not let the lightweight trick you into thinking it will not lift well. This boy is capable of lifting 3300 pounds which includes many of your small cars and bikes. Its compact size and small volume makes it ideal to be kept in the car trunk for emergencies.

It is easy to operate so getting it to work will not give you any trouble. It has the lifting range of minimum 4 inches to maximum 15 inches. With the scissor jack you can easily and quickly adjust the height of your vehicles.

It is made from corrosion resistant strong metal that will see to it that the jack lifts your vehicle perfectly without bending out of shape. The solid base will keep your vehicle stable at both hard and soft surfaces and will prevent slipping.

Thanks to its handy ratchet handle that will not save strength but also adds to the overall stability and the smooth running spindle, changing tires is child’s play from now on. To get even better and smoother operation, add engine oil into screw of the jack. It will make the rotations of the screw very smooth and will reduce noise too.


  • Only weighs 6 lbs
  • Solid construction
  • Strong handle for easy maneuvering
  • Maximum lifting range of 15 inches
  • Less noisy operation


  • Suitable for small sedans
  • May not lift vehicle up straight

Bottom line:

You need to check this scissor jack if you want to invest in a new tool for your car. Strong body, lifting capacity, lifting range, this boy has it all in a very lightweight construction.

4) Everbest4u Scissor Jack 1.5T Car Scissor Jack:

This scissor jack is constructed from high quality steel that will provide strength and durability to the jack. Due to the heavy duty steel construction, this scissor jack is able to lift and withstand almost 3300 pounds of weight. You do not have to worry about the tool bending because it will do no such thing.

The best part is even with such solid construction and high weight capacity, this beast still weighs only 5 pounds! It is a perfect tool to have in your car trunk; it will proof to be a loyal companion during those rough road side emergencies. Each joint is made of solid high quality steel with high precision grinding technology, which is exquisite and durable.

Its lifting height ranges from minimum of 4 1/8 inches to maximum of 15 1/8 inches, with so much lifting height you will be able to easy carry on your tasks without accidentally bumping your head on the vehicle. It features a power button which you have to press lightly in order to switch your jack on or off. Its 360 degree rotation makes it very easy to operate.

It has a wide heavy duty base that gives the overall design, strength and stability.


  • Lightweight, 5.2 lbs
  • Durable construction
  • Power switch
  • Bow shaped base
  • 2 ton capacity


  • Cogs are bent inward
  • Top that goes around pinch weld is not tall enough

Bottom line:

If you want to improve work efficiency without going hard on your arms or your pocket, this scissor jack is a wise choice for you.

5) Cynder 00672 Leveling Scissor Jack 24″ Stabilizer:

This beast is capable of lifting 5000 pounds of weight. This amount of weight capacity makes it suitable for not just your regular sedans and bikes but also the heavy vehicles like trucks and SUV’s. It is fully capable of lifting all sorts of weights that befall its capacity like feather.

This scissor jack has strong steel construction that makes it very long lasting and durable; the cherry on top of a heavy duty body is the powder finish that makes this tool rust resistant. Do not be afraid of taking it out of the garage, it can handle all sorts of rough use and will still be by your side.

The best part is that this scissor jack has two types of installations. You can either bolt this scissor jack to your RV, etc, or you can weld it on. This dual action provides you with the stability you need to work with.

Carrying this scissor jack in your car is very easy due to its lightweight and compact make. This scissor jack also features a 4 ½ inch base that gives stability to the tool by resisting tilting or sinking in soft grounds, letting it lift the vehicle up almost 24 inches. On top of that, when retracted, it will go down to 4 inches which makes it ideal for low profile vehicles too.


  • Affordable
  • Weighs 11 lbs
  • 5000 lbs weight capacity
  • Two types of installations
  • Sturdy 4 ½ inch base
  • Rust resistant finish


  • Mounting holes may not line up
  • Does not come with mounting lug nuts

Bottom line:

Spending your bucks on this scissor jack will get you a tool that will proof to be a loyal companion by successfully withstanding heavy weight while retaining its shape.

6) Eaz-Lift 30″ RV Stabilizing Scissor Jack:

This scissor is indeed an easy to lift tool that will easily lift your vehicles from the ground. It is constructed with heavy duty steel to give you a tool that will last many years without bending under the weight. The steel construction has a powder coating to make it rust resistant. Besides providing protection from rust, the finish also adds a couple of years to the tool’s life and makes it weather resistant which is good news for all the mechanics out there who are sick of their jacks giving them hard time in rough weather.

Its compact size and simple to use design can be easily stored in confined spaces such as the trunk of your car or some space in your garage cabinet, for later use. It effortlessly stabilizes heavy vehicles and RVs

This beast scissor jack can withstand 5000 pounds of weight without dying. This massive amount of weight capacity elaborates its use from light vehicles to heavy vehicles and even low profile ones due to its compact size. Its lifting range goes from m4 inches to 24 inches in a couple of minutes. What more do you want from your scissor jack!

It features a sturdy base that not just offers easy positioning but also provides stability to your tool. It supports two types of installations, bolt on or weld on.


  • Two types of installation
  • 5000 pounds weight capacity
  • Rust and weather resistant coat
  • Maximum lifting height is 24 inches
  • Weighs 14 pounds


  • Expensive than competitors
  • No manual crank

Bottom line:

If you do not mind the heavier price tag, then investing in this scissor jack will get you a handy tool for life.

7) Husky 76862 Stabilizing Scissor Jack:

This scissor jack by Husky is no less than a beast with its weight capacity of 6500 pounds! The large weight capacity makes it suitable for many vehicles including sedans, trucks, RV’s and SUV’s. It is capable of stabilizing and leveling your trailer eliminating the rocking and swaying. The sturdy steel construction has a universal design to fit most RVs.

It has strong steel construction that has a black powder coated finish on top which makes it resistant to rust. With such sturdy body this beast is capable of lifting your vehicle up to 24 inches which gives you more than enough room to slide under the vehicle easily and get to work. The lift height is also perfect in case you need to change tires.

It has a swivel handle which is very easy to use. The presence of handle makes it easy for you to maneuver the tool precisely. Also, this scissor jack can be bolted on with the provided hardware, or can be welded on to your RV, whatever you desire.


  • 2 year warranty
  • Rust resistant coat
  • 6500 lbs weight capacity
  • Sturdy steel body
  • Easy to use handle


  • Mounting flanges are triangular
  • Screw might get jammed

Bottom line:

Invest your precious bucks in this scissor jack if you are looking for a strong tool that will easily lift the vehicle. Its strong construction will make sure the investment lasts you many years.

8) Pro-LifT T-9456 Grey Scissor Jack:

This scissor jack is the perfect vehicle repair partner that you can get. This product will hold the car in position for you to do the important part. It has an easy to use design which makes it suitable for both the beginners and professionals.

It is lightweight and has a compact design which eases transportation. But the weight does not affect its functionality in any way. This tool has weight capacity of 300 pounds which means you can use it on your light to medium weight vehicles.

It is made from high grade steel that adds durability to its list of qualities. Another perk of this scissor jack is the handle which has been positioned in a way to ease the job for you as much as possible. It features a stable base that increases stability of the scissor jack and makes sure you get ‘slip free’ operations. On top of all these amazing features, it has a foldable design which eases transportation and storage.


  • Durable construction
  • Wide base for stability
  • Weight capacity of 3000 lbs


  • Ideal as backup jack only
  • Handle is at not an easy angle

Bottom line:

Get your bucks spent on this scissor jack if you want a tool in your garage that will aid you in making repairs to your vehicles and can be easily kept in car for emergencies.

9) LIBRA Set of 2 Bigfoot 5000 lb 24″ RV Trailer Stabilizer Leveling Scissor Jacks:

This set of scissor jacks is ideal for someone who is always on the road in their RV and needs a tool that will keep their vehicle stable. This boy will do that job really well.

It has a high weight capacity of 5000 pounds which makes it perfect to be used for leveling and stabilizing your vehicles. This jack is different from all the other jacks available in the market as it has added stamping on three sides of each arm that gives added strength and durability to this product. A wide range of height adjustments ranging from 5 inches to 24 inches lets you use the jack at a convenient height.

Its heavy duty steel construction makes sure it does not bend and crumble to the ground, under weight. It can lift and withstand heavy weight. Special rolled edge provides the added amount of durability of this jack. This pack also includes a magnetic hex socket that can be attached to the jack while you are going to lift the vehicle using a drill machine and eight pieces of mounting screws.


  • 5000 lbs weight capacity
  • 24 inches maximum height
  • Strong steel construction


  • Heavy in weight
  • If retracted, the rod can be turned out of the jack

Bottom line:

This scissor jack is ideal for you if you are frequent user of jacks and need one that will lift and withstand heavy weight without bending, although it is a bit heavy in weight as compared to others.

10) ROGTZ Electric Car Floor Jack:

This electric jack eases the job for you by not even letting you push the lever, all you need to do is turn it on and sit back and let it do the rest. This car jack will put your life at ease by providing you with secure and roomy area to work in. It’s effortless to use even for a complete novice. All you do is place the jack on the recommended point under the car, plug in the power cord in the cigarette lighter socket and activate the switch. In case the tool does not get powered up by lighter socket, you also have a second option, i.e. powering it up through car battery. This tool truly is made to ease your job.

With its strong, heavy duty construction you can be sure that it will not give up on you after a few uses. It has a lifting capacity of 3 tons which is almost 6000 pounds so that means its use is not just limited to small vehicles but also your large vehicles like trucks, RV’s and SUV’s. It has two easily removable heads for sedan and SUV.

It can lift the car up to maximum 16.5 inches and that too in only two minutes. Thanks to its auto power off, once it has reached the maximum height, it will automatically shut off and stop powering.

The convenient built-in flash LED light enables operation at night or in the dimmed light without any additional lighting tools. The tool box will keep the jack and its components safe in your car trunk and away from dust or moisture.


  • Heavy duty construction
  • Weighs 21 lbs
  • Weight capacity of 6000 lbs
  • Does not create noise


  • Not suitable for heavy trucks
  • Does not have wheels

Bottom line:

Investing your bucks in this scissor jack will get you a tool that will help you in your times of needs with its handy functions.

Buyer’s Guide: Deciding Best Scissor Jack in 2023

No matter how many fancy models of jacks get introduced in the market, a mechanic should always have a good strong scissor jack. It has been proven with time that they are a good investment. Their high weight capacity in a very light and compact design makes every mechanic and car enthusiasts drool.

Choosing the right portable scissor jack for your vehicle is of utmost importance because you expect it to hold the weight of the car when you are changing the tire or even when you are under the car. There are some points that will help you choose a scissor jack best for your vehicle.

  1. Capacity:

This is the most important aspect you should look for in a scissor jack. Every scissor jack has a different weight capacity. Before buying one, check whether its weight capacity is compatible with the weight of your vehicle or not.

  1. Lift Height:

It is better to check the maximum lift height of a jack before you buy it. You should first see the measure of lift your car requires and then based on it you should choose a scissor jack that exceeds the required height of your car. This will help you to get your work done easily and conveniently.

  1. Construction:

Scissor jacks have a very crucial job i.e. lifting the vehicle so they need to have a sturdy, solid construction. Always check the construction of a scissor jack before you invest in it to prevent the jack bending and dying in the middle of the job.

  1. Price:

Scissor jacks do not cost much but they are still an investment that you want to have for years. Their price depends on the construction and the weight capacity. If you are on a tight budget then go for one that has a good amount of capacity, not very massive.

  1. Warranty:

Companies that offer warranty with their tool show that they have faith in their product. Always opt for the tools that come with a warranty from the manufacturers.


Scissor jacks may look simple but if you think that its functionality is below standards, then you are in for a rude shock. The larger it is, the more ideal it is for all kinds of emergencies. In the modern day, car lifting and tire replacement should be effortless with the best scissors jack. To help you buy the best product, we have added top ten scissor jacks available in the market in the article above.

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