5 Best 4 Post Car Lift Reviews [2023] – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Best 4 Post Car Lift

Creeping and crawling under a vehicle for even a simple tire change or tuning isn’t the most fun job, especially when you’ve the fear of getting crushed under the sheer amount of weight.

Forget the fun part, this seems downright suicidal. However, a best 4 post car lift will prove to be the best equipment that as an auto mechanic or car enthusiast you could have installed in your auto shop or home garage.

We call it best because it has the load capacity to completely lift your vehicle to the desired height without buckling so you can initiate tuning or repair process of the vehicle with peace of mind.

Its heavy-duty foundation and high-grade cables eliminate any possibility of the set up falling down, crushing you in the process.

It’s relatively costly equipment, but this onetime investment saves you a lot of pain in future. They might not be most ideal in terms of portability, but with removable accessories you’ll not only enjoy extra benefits but also have a decent amount of portability at your disposal to make it storage-efficient and transportable wherever you want it.

Furthermore, 4-post car lift is very adaptable in a sense that you can also use it for parking storage.

Best 4 Post Car Lift Reviews in 2023

As a car owner or mechanic, you might have the knack for distinguishing best from the worst. However, we took the liberty of assembling a list of 5 best 4 post car lifts to help you save time and energy by directly leading you to the best equipment, making decisions easier for you.

1.   TRIUMPH NSS-8 4 Post Car Lift

As the name suggests, this 4 post car lift will easily triumph over many high-grade competing models mainly because of the versatility and simplicity of design and usage. Its installation is easy, provided that you’ve extra pair of hands to help you because it’s too heavy for a one-man show.

Its heavyweight is an attribute to high-quality steel built to give strength and lifting capacity up to 8000lbs. This beefy construction also helps in doing away with your fears of buckling and wobbling tool. Additionally, the inclusion of removable stop plates will vanish your fear of moving a vehicle as well since they help to keep the vehicle secure in place – preventing it from moving back and forth.

This bulkiness doesn’t come at the price of portability. The removable parts make it storage-efficient while the caster kit included in the package ensures fluid movement of the tool around the garage. There’s another removable part packed as well, two removable loading ramps. They help in the effortless loading and unloading of the vehicle.

As mentioned earlier that its versatility is the feature that makes it stand out from the crowd so the tool profiles 10 different locking positions to allow you to adjust the height to your preferred level when you’re planning to do the repair of your vehicle. The jack trays will further help you lift the vehicle for easy repair. Furthermore, there will be no fluid dripping either on the floor or on the vehicle underneath because it comes with three drip trays that act as reservoirs to collect fluid or dirt from the vehicle – ensuring there’s no unnecessary cleanup.

Another commendable side is that it can be used as an elevator for car parking as well. Now, that’s what you call a double score in a single stroke. Even more impressive is its 93” drive-thru width and 84” maximum height that gives you enough room to easily park a second vehicle directly below.

The best of all is that the 110v electric motor provides the necessary power to initiate lifting and in seconds a vehicle is up in the air.


  • High capacity 4 post lift.
  • Adjustable height for easy access to all parts of the car.
  • Removable parts for convenient repair and storage.
  • Electric motor lifts quietly and quickly.
  • Can be used for parking vehicle and repair.
  • Easy to move around.


  • Assembling and installation might be tricky for some users.
  • Not suitable for small garages.

Bottom Line:

If you’re looking for the best 4-post car lift that money could buy, then investing in this model will be a treat. Its operation is simple and safe, and the high capacity and additional features make it one of the best of its kind.

2.   Mayflower Blacksmith 4-Post Car Lift, Pro 8000

This is another worth-acquiring four-post car lift that’s no less in excellence than our triumphant “Triumph” model. Between the two, one had to become a runner-up so here it is, second-best in line. This one is also constructed from steel, but it has an extra touch of rust-resistant finishing to ensure its luster remains for years if not eternity. Again, this one also has a load capacity of 8000lbs which means it can lift anything from a domestic vehicle to a truck without buckling.

Its lesser width and height dimensions, less than TRIUMPH’s, of 77” drive-thru width and 72” height is the feature that made it become runner-up. However, this inches cut doesn’t make much difference because you can still easily reach any part of your vehicle for repair, or park another car underneath. Thanks to a built-in relief valve for overload protection and security lock with 10 locking positions, you can lock the tool at your desired height level to meet your work requirements, without compromising your or your vehicle’s safety.

This one also features three drip trays for collecting fluid dripping from your vehicle; a jack tray in case you need to raise your vehicle; approach ramps for hassle-free loading and unloading of vehicle – saving you plenty of time and energy.

Furthermore, if you feel the need to move it around, that can also be done with simple and effortless pulling and pushing despite its solid built, courtesy of its robust casters.

Finally, its basic electric motor will take only 40 seconds to attain maximum height. So, there’s no waiting around. Just plug it and get to business right away.


  • High-quality steel construction with rust-resistant finishing.
  • 8000lbs load capacity.
  • Can be used as car parking or lifting elevator for repair.
  • Safe and easy to operate with a safety lock integrated with 10 height adjustments.
  • 110v motor attains maximum height in 40 seconds.
  • Easy to store and maneuver around.


  • Requires 2-3 helpers to set the lifts.
  • Width is a little restricted for some vehicles.

Bottom Line:

This four-post car lift actually works the talk. Its industrial-grade construction and high load capacity assure that the tool is strong enough to lift any vehicle for storage or repair whenever needed without failure.

3.   Auto Lift 4 Post Storage Car Lift

Another high-quality car lift with the same 8000lbs load capacity is here for your consideration. The competition is getting really tough. So why did we place it on the 3rd? Well, this high-quality 4 post car lift comes with a higher price tag as well. Not strange because all good things do come with a price, but this hefty price tag might be a put-off for many.

If you just look past the price factor, then you’ll be able to appreciate its versatility that comes with high capacity. 8000lbs capacity enables it to handle almost any vehicle imaginable. As a mechanic or a hardcore car enthusiast what you’ll appreciate the most is its safe lifting operation that is provided by a hydraulic system with aircraft quality cabling. There’s a redundant ladder lock system as well that prevents the unit from dropping in a worst-case scenario of cable malfunctioning.

More safety is at your disposal with its 18-inch wide runways which allow you to easily drive up the vehicle onto the lift. These runways have non-skid diamond plates that provide traction as well as secure grip to the vehicle – keeping the vehicle from moving. No wonder this car lift is ranked first in safety features.

Like the previous two models, this one also comes equipped with a set of 3 drip trays and a jack tray to let you hold the vehicle in the air for as long as you want without worrying about leakage staining your garage floor. These removable parts have a secondary benefit as well i.e. they make the unit portable for hassle-free easy storage. In addition, the caster kit gives the unit fluid movement to be easily moved to wherever you want it.

In the last, it gives you a total of 10 height adjustments to make it compatible with your vehicle’s dimensions – it can easily accommodate two vehicles. With that being said, it’s a reliable lift for parking and repair of your vehicle in your home garage.


  • Highly durable and strong.
  • Wide variety of safety features.
  • Height adjustment with 10 locking positions.
  • Ladder locking system in case of cable failure.
  • Takes only 90-seconds to lift or bring down the vehicle.


  • Assembling instructions are difficult to comprehend.

Bottom Line:

It’s an expensive car lift, but the rise in price is justified because of the industrial-grade construction and multiple safety features that make its use completely safe and smooth. The tool can easily accommodate two vehicles without occupying much space in your garage.

4.   APlusLift HW-8S 4-Post Storage Car Lift

4 is just a number otherwise this 4-post car lift is as good as the above three models. Like others this one is built from heavy-duty steel with powder coating to ward off corrosion, giving you unbeatable durability and longevity.

With an 8000lbs load capacity, it can hoist any heavy vehicle that you can accommodate in your garage. The 84” overall height of the lift with a 93” wide drive-thru means this car lift will comfortably fit in mid to large garage space and give ample space to conveniently store a second vehicle underneath the lifted platform. Another good thing is that packs three drip trays to collect dirt or fluid leaking out from the vehicle-mounted atop the platform to prevent staining of the floor.

Furthermore, its 72” lifting height with 10 locking positions allows you to adjust the lift to your desired elevation point for convenient parking or repair. Yeah, you got the point. It works as a storage elevator for parking, repair, and also for service. The lifting action is powered by a 110v hydraulic motor that will let the unit achieve maximum height in just 40 seconds. That means you’ll not be wasting time waiting around and quickly get to work.

Once again, like others on the list, this also comes with a jack tray and approach ramps. Besides, despite its heavy-duty construction and larger dimensions, the tool is quite portable to be easily relocated. Also, the caster kit makes its mobility around the garage completely effortless.

Coming towards the assemblage and installation part, both are quite easy provided that you’ve extra sets of helping hands to accomplish the task in less time. However, the tool is quite heavy both in weight and price. Looking at the quality and long list of nifty features, this heaviness in weight and price tag is quite justified though.


  • Durable and corrosion-resistant construction.
  • 8000lbs load capacity.
  • Adaptable unit, used as parking, storage, and for car service.
  • 72” maximum height with 10 locking positions.
  • Hydraulic motor for faster lifting.


  • Not suitable for small garage.
  • Unclear instructions.

Bottom Line:

This 4-post car lift falls under the higher side of the cost spectrum but the rise in price is justified as the tool is of industrial-grade quality with high lift capacity to easily hoist heavy vehicles. it’s a highly adaptable unit that can be used for both storage, parking elevator, and repair.

5.   BendPak HD-9XL 4-Post Car Lift

If you want to wrap up a discussion with a BANG, that’s how you do it. This car lift with a lofty price tag and staggering 9000lbs capacity ensures that it’s a legit deal. Its HD series, expect nothing less than the highest quality. Industrial-grade steel construction is finished with powder-coating to give you a car lift that will not lose shape or luster for decades.

It’s engineered with standard lift height but longer runways to securely house longer wheelbase vehicles. In fact, anything from cars to trucks, ATVs, low-clearance vehicles, and sports utility vehicles can be easily lifted in the air without buckling. Whether placed in a professional mechanic shop or small home garage, it will make efficient use of the space because of its compact size. Besides, the caster kit will let you easily roll it to wherever you want to place it.

Even more charming is its multiple heights locking positions at each level that allow you to customize height to make it comply to the parking needs of almost any vehicle imaginable. Besides, its heavy-duty aircraft cables are fully enclosed to provide safe and quick lifting without any failure. In terms of safety, it incorporates automatic safety locks that stay engaged when the lift is raised. However, in the unlikely event of cable failure, a secondary safety lock system gets activated that acts as slack-cable to prevent the foundation from crashing to the ground.

Moreover, the inclusion of an electric hydraulic power system not only initiates efficient lifting but also achieves a maximum height of 88” in barely 45 seconds. It’s also maintenance-free – saving you time and energy.


  • Heavy-duty, long-lasting construction.
  • Safe and easy to operate.
  • 9000lbs capacity.
  • Longer runways make it suitable for a wide array of vehicles.
  • Multiple height adjustments.
  • Aircraft cables with automatic safety locks and a secondary lock system.


  • Unclear instructions make the assembling process difficult.

Bottom Line:

This heavy-duty construction car lift comes with a high upfront cost, but this heavy financial investment can prove to be a dependable companion in the long run for storage and automotive repair purposes both in the mechanic shop or home garage.

Buying Guide: Choosing the Best 4 Post Car Lift in 2023

This buying guide will let you go through some key features while selecting a 4 post car lift to help you make most of your financial investment in the long run.

  • Size/Space:

Typically, a four-post car lift requires huge space because of its wide structure. However, it’s evident from the above list that you can also find models that are economical on space, especially if you’ve minimal space in a home garage. If the free room is your premium concern, then BendPak HD-9XL will utilize space in your smaller garage efficiently.

  • Load Capacity:

It’s always safe to know beforehand the actual weight of your vehicle and then go for a car lift that has more load capacity than your car. All the models in the above list are rated for 8000lbs or above which is ample lift capacity to raise almost any vehicle from passenger car to heavy trucks.

  • Lifting Height:

This factor again heavily relies on the space and vehicle you’ve. If you’re short on space or own a smaller car, then a car lift with 70-inches or a little above maximum lifting height will give you safe elevator to not only raise your vehicle but also park an extra car underneath. Car lifts with higher than 80-inches lift will be more suitable for bigger vehicles so you’ll have better access to all parts of the vehicle for repair. Also, look for a set up that comes with multiple height adjustments to let you customize height according to the vehicle’s dimensions.

  • Portability:

Like 2 post, 4-post car lifts are also restricted in portability, but they don’t completely lack it. Many models have a compact size and removable parts including casters that make the whole platform more portable for efficient storage and movement.

  • Assembling & Installation:

4 post car lift has a wide and bulky frame which will take hours on end to assemble and successfully install the set up in your workshop or garage. However, you can ease the burden by investing in a model that comes with clear instructions for assembling parts and installation. Note that the whole process will take less time if you’ve at least two sets of helping hands.


A four-post car lift might seem like a huge upfront cost, but it will prove to be very economical in the long run. Its heavy-duty construction and stability during the whole lifting process make it famous among the mechanics and car enthusiasts fraternity. In the above list, we discussed some of the best 4-post car lifts available in the market that promise to be a worthy investment. Keep a close eye on the specifications underlined in the buying guide to make sure you get the right equipment.

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