Are Harbor Freight Floor Jacks Any Good

Are Harbor Freight Floor Jacks Any GoodEvery beginner will agree with me when I say finding the best floor jack on your first try has become impossible. There is an abundance of different companies in the market competing with each other. Brands like Harbor Freight claim their products to be the best, but who knows the truth whether they are even remotely as good as the company says?

After months of thorough research, I can confirm that Harbor Freight floor jacks are actually as good as the company claims them to be. There are a few different brands that come under the umbrella of Harbor Freight and they all offer high-end floor jacks.

It can take you mere minutes to attain all the information that took me months to find out, as for your ease, I have shared it all in the article below. So any question that you may have lingering in your head regarding Harbor Freight is about to be answered as the article below discusses this brand in quite a detail.

Are Harbor Freight Floor Jacks Any Good

Harbor Freight houses some of the best floor jacks in the market. You will find the detailed answer to this question below.

Major Harbor Freight Floor Jacks

Harbor Freight is quite a big name in the world of machines and tools. However, this may come as surprise to many that the company itself does not manufacture any floor jack or other machine. They are retailers of floor jacks and other handheld tools. Therefore, they do not manufacture products with their own tags, instead, they bring you products of high-end brands. So, when you go to a store of Harbor Freight, you will find some of the best models of floor jack on the market. Harbor Freight deals with a ton of different leading brands in the market, but when it comes to floor jacks, the list narrows down to only two. The two major brands of floor jacks that come under the umbrella of Harbor Freight are discussed below.


The first brand whose floor jacks Harbor Freight deals in is Daytona. They are one of the top manufacturers of floor jacks as well as other handheld tools. Daytona has been in the business since September 2016. They are made to fulfil the needs of a professional level user; therefore, they are ideal for all hefty and heavy-duty tasks.


The second name of floor jacks that Harbor Freight deals in is Pittsburgh. They have been in business for quite some years now, and they are one of the best manufacturers of floor jacks. The range of tools that Pittsburgh provides is quite wide, but floor jacks are their star products. They have manufactured floor jacks of different weight capacities and various size ranges.

What Makes Harbor Freight Floor Jacks Good?

There is a reason Harbor Freight floor jacks are preferred by users around the globe. They offer what many other brands lack. Even though they are not the direct manufacturers of the product, the company still ensures to deliver only the best quality product to their customers. First, they ensure that their level of quality is being met by the manufacturers, and only then Harbor Freight displays those floor jacks in their stores.

Solid Design

Both Daytona and Pittsburgh floor jacks come with solid construction. The manufacturers utilize high-grade steel and aluminum in the construction of their floor jacks. Furthermore, they even add powder coating or any other treatment that prevents rusting on the tool. Therefore, if you are purchasing from Harbor Freight, know that you will get a solid floor jack that will give you years of usage.

Advanced Pistons

Another reason the floor jacks of Harbor Freight are exceptional is due to their advanced pistons. Whether it is a Daytona floor jack or a Pittsburgh floor jack, every model comes with the best piston systems such as the Dual Piston Hydraulic System, or the Dual Piston Rapid Pump technology. A piston is the major part of a floor jack; therefore, a high-quality piston means better performance of the floor jack.

Other Details

Along with solid construction, and piston, there are many other smaller details that Harbor Freight makes sure to add to the floor jacks available in their stores. Whether it is comfortable padding on the handle, a removable saddle, or easy mobility due to robust wheels, their products come with everything.


When you hear the name of Harbor Freight linked to any floor jack, just know that you are getting one of the best deals in the market. They are one of the best retailers of floor jacks for a reason. Read the article above to acquire more knowledge about Harbor Freight floor jacks.


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