Arcan ALJ3T Aluminium Floor Jack Review 2022 – Well Explained


arcan alj3t floor jack review

There are not many tools that reflect the quality of being awesome as profusely as the Arcan ALJ3T floor jack. Its superior craftsmanship is illustrated from the super durable yet lightweight construction housing a huge load-bearing capacity of 3 ton – making it suitable for small sedans and big SUVs and trucks alike. 

Moreover, the tool has some other admirable features as well like dual-piston for rapid lifting and built-in safety valves for protection of both the tool and user. Unfortunately, all these aspects turn it into a premium floor jack which results in increased cost. 

For those of you who wish to own a high-quality, sturdy floor jack with a remarkable load capacity without safety concerns, buy this particular model by Arcan.

What Makes Arcan ALJ3T Aluminium Floor Jack Standout?

Arcan ALJ3T stands out from the rest because of its indestructible heavy-duty construction sporting a lightweight frame for hassle-free maneuverability and storage.


Our Arcan ALJ3T Aluminium Floor Jack Review!

Arcan ALJ3T Aluminium Floor JackJust by looking at it, you can tell that the Arcan ALT3T floor jack is a deluxe quality tool. And like any premium-grade product, this one also entails a hefty price tag. A hardcore auto aficionado and a seasoned mechanic might not find it a big put-off, especially if they aren’t held down by a limited budget, because its extremely tough construction is almost indestructible. This is where you’re in for a shock of your life because despite having a rock-solid physique and a load-bearing capacity of 3 ton, the machine is one of the lightest you will find in the industry. 

Speaking of 3 ton, honestly, it wouldn’t matter whether you are hauling a mustang, an explorer or an SUV because it will lift all of them with equal grace and ease. In normal circumstances, gravity can be your enemy when holding tons of steel several inches above the ground but not in this case. The weight will not abruptly come crashing down due to the reinforced lifting arm and pre-installed by-pass and overload valves. The former offers extra strength, durability and torsion control while the latter ensures your and your tool’s safety. 

You can take another sigh of relief for the amount of control its side-mounting handle offers. Thanks to the rubberized saddle and padded handle bumper, you can lift your car to the desired height without worrying about getting scratches and dents on its body during work. The only drawback with the padding is that it might get chewed up after used a couple of times. 

In all, if you don’t mind putting a dent in your wallet for the sake of getting your hands on the best floor jack for trucks and SUVs, buy Arcan ALJ3T floor jack. 


Aluminum Construction

This tool is 56 pounds of awesomeness in a nutshell. The use of aircraft-grade aluminium construction grants it the ability to be heavy-duty and lightweight at the same time. The premium quality structure with sleek finishing makes it an indestructible tool offering years of relentless performance unless bludgeoned with Thor’s hammer. 

It is this robust and rock-solid build that allows the unit to endure a massive load of 3 ton, implying the unit can easily withstand the weight of huge vehicles like explorers, SUVs and trucks. Thanks to the lightweight frame, its maneuverability and storage is also a breeze.

Lifting Process

With the ability to tolerate the weight of a heavy vehicle like a truck or an SUV, one would think that raising it to the desired height will take several minutes of profuse huffing and puffing. That’s hardly the case. This floor jack has a dual-piston set up that takes only a handful of pumps and a few minutes to elevate the article-under-work as high as 19 ⅜” above the ground. The gap is enough to let you slide underneath the vehicle and work freely without feeling claustrophobic.

Safety Aspects

Lying underneath tons of steel is downright a daredevil move because there’s always a possibility of getting crushed if the vehicle accidentally collapses to the ground. Luckily, this risk has been dealt with through the incorporation of a couple of safety features in this floor jack. The presence of bypass and overload safety valves make sure you don’t stretch the tool beyond its capacity, literally and figuratively, to risk the tool’s built and endanger yourself in the process. 

To make it safe in every aspect, it comes equipped with a padded saddle and handle bumper to prevent scratches and indentations on your car while lifting it.

Other Features

There are also some other bells and whistles like a reinforced lifting arm and side-mount handle. The reinforcement adds more strength and sturdiness to its construction to assure you of its unbeatable durability. Furthermore, with the help of its side-mounting handle, you can easily position the tool at the desired angle for convenient operation. 


  • Long-lasting, premium construction.
  • Lightweight.
  • Reinforced arm offers extra strength and durability.
  • Fast and easy lifting process with a dual piston.
  • In-built safety valves for user’s and tool’s protection.
  • Padded saddle and handle bumper prevent scratches and dents.


  • Steeple price.
  • Rubber padding wears down after used a handful of times.


Why Should You Purchase Arcan ALJ3T Aluminium Floor Jack?

The unbeatable sturdy construction, speedy and high lifting capacity and easy operation and storage make it very hard for passionate DIYers and experienced mechanics to resist it. 

Secondly, its safety features allow you to work on any vehicle,  be it a small sedan or a bulky truck, without worrying about your safety.

Final Thought

Arcan ALJ3T is hands down one of the best 3-ton floor jacks present in the market. Although the higher cost is a potential deal-breaker, its hard-to-break, heavy-duty yet lightweight construction along with safe and easy operation make it worth the wealth. Bearing all this in mind, we can safely conclude that whether you’re in the auto repair business or a hobbyist tinkerer, the Arcan ALJ3T floor jack will prove to be a sound and valuable investment regardless of the expensive pricing.

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